Friday, March 27, 2015

Valentine's Weekend at Sungai Lembing

I'm aware Valentine's was last month but with multiple oncalls each month, I literally don't have much time here these days. But still, I like to share this beautiful amazing place we had went for our Valentine this year.

I had been to Sungai Lembing multiple times (you can read about my previous visits here, here and here) but yet we never had stayed overnight there as Sungai Lembing is more of a morning town and literally a dead town by night. However, after hearing about the new Time Capsule retreat at Sungai Lembing, we decided to revisit this old mining town and took the Valentine's weekend opportunity to spend some time in a capsule away from all the stress at work. Yeah, our main aim to Sungai Lembing this time round was simply for the capsule hotel.

It was almost a 6 hours drive from Johor Bahru to Sungai Lembing and I was post call that day, hence by the time we reached the town, it was in the late afternoon. The little town still looks pretty much the same from how I last remembered it, but it is certainly a much more happening town now with more tourists and more funky retreats and home stays.

The Time Capsule retreat is located somewhere after the Sungai Lembing Tin museum (oh yes, the old mining site had been totally revamped into a museum now) on a one way road and you just have to look out for their sign to find the place. Once we found the place, all my fatigueness disappeared at the sight of those cute little capsules amidst lush greeneries.

My room for the night
Taking a peep at the serene surroundings

Since it is a capsule, don't expect too much of space out of your room. The room is literally huge enough to fit just one double bed with a wall lamp and a power point. So yes, do bring your own multi plugs especially if you are a gadgets junkie.
Sometimes, the best way to spend the weekend is simply by just chilling with a good book in a capsule

Since Sungai Lembing is practically a 'dead' town by night, we decided to barbecue our very own Valentine's dinner. Barbecue facilities are provided at a minimal charge of RM 20 for 2. But we ended up pan grilling our food instead as there were a bigger group doing barbecued too but that was just as well.
Food for two! We are two monster eaters. All thanks to HT who had prepared all of these and thoughtfully included my favourite berries and even the sauces
My masterchef moment. Or maybe my moment of 'Jamie Oliver cooking in the wild'. haha!
My end product! *proud of self, ahem* (please excuse that oily-just-finished-grilling everything-face)
Menu for the night includes grilled salmon with old amsterdam cheese, grilled chicken with spices, turkey hams, cheese sausages, scallops and a mountainful of melted marshmallows with mouth watering rasp and bluerries! *drools*

After a long dinner technically under the stars, we did the inevitable of doing silly poses with our shadows behind those curtains. But we found out soon enough that it certainly wasn't very easy trying to stand around in a round capsule!
Sending love to the world

Even though we had been to Sungai Lembing multiple times, we had never been to their famous rainbow waterfall, hence we were determined to drag ourselves out of bed at 5 am this time round by hook or by crook to join the trip up the waterfall. 

But of course before we set off for the waterfall, we had to have this town staple breakfast; yummylicious fresh mountain water (san sui) yong tau foo and silky beancurds at the marketplace.
Still as delicious as ever

Be warned that the road leading to the waterfall is an offroad bumpy one and it is only accessible by jeeps or 4WD. Seriously, don't even think of trying to drive your normal cars along those road unless you want to risk potential damages to your car. Also, I will advise those with motion sickness to stock up on your anti-motion sickness pills first and those with bone problems or pregnant women might want to consider skipping the waterfall altogether because of the ridiculously bumpy ride. 

But if you are fit and healthy and is in for an adventure that includes slightly over an hour bumpy ride and another 30 minutes plus of trekking, then the waterfall is definitely worth a visit!
Our jeep to the waterfall. The morning breeze was extremely chilling so much so even with a cardigan, we were literally shivering from the cold natural wind

The jeep could only go so far so up to a certain point, we had to cross a stream and started trekking our way up to the waterfall. It was some good morning exercise especially after the hearty breakfast. Me and HT were only in our flip flops, so yeah, shoes are not exactly necessary. 

We reached the waterfall early, at around 9.30 am and there was no rainbow yet. So we just chilled around the fall enjoying it's cold, icy water and pretty sight while waiting for the sun to hit the fall at the perfect moment (which is normally from 10-11am) for our rainbow to show. 

And finally, as the sun climbs higher, like magic, a beautiful rainbow forms across the waterfall. It was an absolutely amazing and gorgeous sight and surely worth sacrificing those sleep just to make a trip to catch this enchanting view.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dream that you dare to dream, really do come true
Literally touching the rainbow ☺
This uncle collecting water straight from the waterfall to make us genuine 'mountain water' noodle
The snacks provided. They really use those water that the uncle collected to make us our cup noodles and beverages 

By the time we got back to our capsule, it was already noon. After a quick shower and change, it was also time for check out but before we left the place, I had this beautiful bouquet of pink roses to perk up my day. ♥
Never too cliche
Cute capsule with lovely flowers and me ☺
First attempt with the selfie stick. haha! Thank you HT for everything ♥

As a whole, the capsule stay was pretty fun and novel. Rooms and shower areas are also relatively clean. The owners are also very friendly and helpful but I think there are a few things that they can add on that can make our stay even more awesome. 

They only have a total of 4 showers (combine with washrooms) at the moment and that certainly will not be enough if all the capsules are fully booked (there are about 12 capsules). I personally prefer it if they separate the shower area from the washroom. It will also be great if they can add on shower caddies. They also have lack of bins around so disposing garbages was a little difficult. I know the capsule might be too small or aesthetically less appealing with a garbage bin in them but I think they should at least provide one garbage bin between two capsules so we can all help to keep the place clean. Lastly, I think they should seriously consider at least adding a fold up table and a mirror in each of the capsule. Girls (and even some guys) are afterall vain beings.

Overall, it was a nice, relaxing weekend away from all the hustle and bustle and stress of the city life. It felt really serene just being surrounded by so much simplicity and greeneries. And of course, aside from those must have mouth watering yong tau foos and beancurds, I finally managed to catch the rainbow waterfall too! Well, if you are looking for somewhere in Malaysia for a short staycation or escape, then you can consider heading over to this peaceful town with a night stay at the capsule or any of those upcoming funky retreats and hotels. :) 

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Friday, February 06, 2015

Adv : Crop Top Ideas

Some days, the long and baggy look is the in thing, but right now, crop tops are definitely the in thing in the fashion world. If like me, you had caught on the crop top fever, here are just some ideas on how you can play around with your crop top to look casual, sexy, playful and even poise.

To appear amazing yet effortlessly casual, pair your crop top with a nice pair of shorts for an errand or simply casual day out. Instead of matching your shorts with tank tops or t-shirts, spice up your appearance with a sexy crop top.

Besides that, crop tops also goes incredibly well with a pair of jeans for a stylish yet simple look. This outfit assemble is great for women to wear on a day out with friends or even on a date. You can further perk up the look with over layering a jacket on top of the crop top, a nice flare hat and boots for a complete stylish appearance. Dazzle everyone around you with your simple outfit while still maintaining an edgy personality.

My last crop top idea will be to pair up those lovely crop tops with skirts; be it mini, midi, maxi, pencil or even skorts. A skirt always softens the appearance and make us ladies look more feminine and sexy anytime.

Well, if you arte looking for more crop tops to play around or simply just wanted to get started experimenting with it, why not check out ZALORA, a well known online fashion site which offers a wide range of trendy crop top for women online from various well known brands that can satisfy your fashion hunt.

And in case you still need more ideas on how to style your crop top, here are some inspirations I got from lookbook! :)

Shorts and crop kinda day
Or pair it with a maxi for an effortlessly chic look

Wear it with an overlay jacket, jeans, boots and hat for an all edgy look

More skirts inspirations

PS Pics are credit of lookbook

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend at Rawa Island, Johor

September had been such an exciting month. And before I could pause from all the excitement, October is here. One of the main reason why September was such an exciting month was because it is my birthday month *wink*. And this year, since it coincidentally fell on a Thursday, HT decided to treat me to a birthday trip over the weekend (weekend in Johor is Friday and Saturday). ☺

Being an avid beach lover, our short escapade was none other than to one of the most beautiful island here in the southern region. Being just back from Besar Island a few months ago, I'm off again to yet another gorgeous piece of paradise here in Johor.

After about 2 hours plus drive from Johor Bahru and 30 minutes of boat ride, we were whisked onto Rawa Island, a relatively small private island full of sunshine, stunning beach and plenty of fun. With their pretty hues of blue, white sandy beach, salty island breeze, lazy coconut trees and generous rays of sun, the islands never fail to emit a vibe that kills all stress monsters in me.

There are only 2 privately own accomodations on Rawa; the Rawa Island Resort and Alang Rawa. Besides, being just a normal weekend makes the island very much less crowded and we could had the beach to ourselves as much as we like. Both Rawa Island and Alang's accomodation are chalet styles, with Rawa offering more chalets with different type of views (sea, hilltop, beachfront).

Come escape with me now
We stayed at Rawa Island Resort and their room is just simply huge, cosy and acceptably clean. Air con and hot water shower are available too
We had a beachfront room so it was super amazing being greeted by the pretty island the first thing every morning when we woke up

The best way of enjoying the island is none other than to hang out by the beach. Every part of the island is just so mesmerizing and a perfect spot to sun bathe, have a good read or to simply grab a nap with natural sound of the gentle waves as your lullaby and tender sea breeze to cool you from the heat. 

Deck chairs or cushions, one of my favourite past time is to live in the moment capturing the beauty of the alluring sea as they strech endlessly into the horizon. Such a sight never fail to evoke a calm and pleasant feeling that makes me forget all my worries or stress
Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you- Walt Whitman
Happy hammock type of day
Swinging a different hammock everyday. I can do this everyday ♥
Aside from the usual sun deck chairs or hammock, the one thing I absolutely love about Rawa is the fact that they have bean bags on their beach!  Definitely one of the coolest way to chill by the beach
Our very own space on the beach right outside our room. Bean bag over chairs anytime ♥
Rawa is also a very pet friendly island. Aside from having a peacock and peahen on the island, meet my new friend, the beagle who also loves swimming and sun bathing
Let's go swimming :)
I wish I had a backyard pool like this

My favourite me time

The perfect way to laze the weekend away
Such calmness from just looking at those perfect shades of green
There is no reason to not love this island
Take a walk with me
Just me and my beautiful sea
Secret spot at Rawa
Playing with colours among the greens
Island selfie
In case you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can definitely challenge yourself to this impressive water slide. The height itself gave me goosebumps!
Ta-da! The super cool water slide that goes directly into the sea. Who's up for a challenge?
Challenge accepted and accomplished. Woots!
If you are afraid of the huge one, there is a mini one too
Trampoline for the kid in me *wink*. Good work out time certainly
Rawa may be small, but it is pack with plenty of fun activities. Aside from the groovy slides and trampoline, there are also kayak, snorkeling and diving activities (with extra charges though)
Meals are provided in our package and it is a usual mix of local and international buffet. Food is not too bad but nothing much to shout about either. Our lunch for the day
Dinner with more variety but tasted almost the same
Any breakfast with pancakes, toast and sunny side ups can't go very wrong

Here are just some of my favourite pictures of the island to make you wish you are there right now instead. At least it does makes me want to be back there right now.  :)
Deep blue sky and white sandy beach- the perfect combination
Iconic water chalets of Rawa Island Resort
Aren't you the least tempted yet?
Exclusive, serene and captivating
The other side of the island that I love just as much
Goodbye pretty island, I'll be back

A weekend away at the island was definitely not enough to soak up it's entire beauty and awesomeness. Rawa is surely a slice of island paradise on it's own with it's warm blue sky, clear cool water, coconut trees fringe beach, white soft sand and a ton of fun. Staying at Rawa Island Resort may be expensive (around RM 650+ a night), but I think it's worth every single penny spent. From nice comfy room to reasonable meals to stunning views to indulge in to a variety of entertainments. Aside from the hip gigantic slide, kayaks and trampoline, there are also foosball, poker, board games, ping pong, movies-for-rent etc. I certainly had plenty of happy moments on the island enjoying getting basked and simply letting my hair down returning with brand new sun kissed skin, natural sea salt smell and incredible memories. :)

Besides being at Rawa, here are a few more snippets of my birthday celebration this year. 

Yummy cakes at the stroke of midnight. Even though I was working at that time, an angel brought me these early birthday cakes that thoroughly warmed and touched my heart ♥
A bouquet a day keeps the sorrow at bay
A very thoughtful and dedicated frame of some of my favourite recent Europe travel pics
This year, I decided to go buffet for my birthday dinner. I brought my family down to Harbour Cafe at Traders Hotel for their buffet (I had blogged about the place previously here). Love the variety of food we can nom nom to. However, their laksa wasn't as nice as when I first had it though
Happy birthday to me. Much to my surprise, I had a really colourful rainbow cheesecake top with M and M's to celebrate my turning *18. I can be a unicorn after finishing this cake :)
An upgraded Ipad mini to join the family. Mucho gracias

Aside from my family, this is the angel who made the birthday trip possible and left me with such a memorable birthday. Thank you once again ♥♥♥

It's really true that we can't wait to grow up when we were younger and now that we are older, we realized there is nothing really too exciting about being a grown up. I'm not saying it's all that bad being a grown up, but of course the older you gets, the more responsibilities you have too so you have more things to think about. None the less, I'm absolutely glad to turn another year wiser and filled with so much of love. Thank you everyone once again for making my day. Even the simplest act such as a wish is really appreciated. Much love from me to all of you too. ♥ :)

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