Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking the Ice

Aloha everyone..welcome to my blog!

Finally i am starting my own blog after dely-dalying for so long..haha. I guessed it's at last a good time to start a blog since this is now a new chapter of my life as an undergraduate in university and I'll be living away from home for the next 5 years so blogging is a good way for me to share my new chapter to all my loved ones and friends far away.

So, perhaps why 'Fondue of Life'? I mean really, what does it mean at all? I'm sure we are all quite familiar with the chocolate fondue which is my current favourite food by the way. So my source of inspiration for my blog's name is actually derived from it! Only the fondue in this blog isn't flowing with yummy melting dark chocolates but the essence of life which we human will experience at different phases and stages of life. So as I dip into this fondue at different time of my life; walking and maturing through joy, sorrow, hardship, enjoyment, love and hurt, let this be my platform for growing, changing, sharing, ranting and de-stressing. Of course, this fondue will also be flowing with things close to my heart and I'm passionate about focusing perhaps more on food and travel (we'll see how things goes as I blog. :))'s 2.30 am now and i had class tomorrow at i shd be in bed now instead of hanging around with my laptop in one of the most 'strategic' corner in my hse ( i leave it to u guys to guess the 'strategic' corner :p )..but i cant get to bed as im still waiting for my dinner to be digested. Yeah, me and some friends (Kat, HF, Jessie and JW) whipped up a fantastic dinner just now. Although it's actually pretty simple home-cooked food but living outside has made me realized that one can get so bored n tired of eating out so often that one simply crave for home-cooked food. So to those of u who gets to eat home-cooked food, don't complain..haha! I miss my mummy's cooking!

All we had were sweet n sour dory, some vegetables, abc soup, sausages n bake beans egg but all in super large portion (explaining why I still can't sleep). We spent almost three hours just preparing, cooking, eating, washing and cleaning up, so it's really time consuming to cook even simple meals.

*yawn* Alright, my bed is calling out to me already to go snug in it comfortably..hehe.

Anyway this is suppose to be only an introductory welcome post hence my apologies it turned out to be quite a ramble instead. Nonetheless I hope this blog will find it's circle of loves and you guys will enjoy reading my blog in future. Do leave comments and follow my blog too. And please pardon the wordy post. I'm still new to this whole blogging thing and is only beginning to click my way around so I promise I'll make my blog much more interesting (I hope) once I familiarize myself. God bless and good night everyone. :)

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3 fondue dips :

heyo. wah someone blogging liao ah :P i know that 'strtegic' spot. linked u to mine liao. muackz

argh... haha kuria you beat me to it... boy you girls are fast. hey alli you forgot to mention the creepy-crawlies lurking around the "strategic" spot... must be absorbing some of the wifi signal lol

'k la... comment abit as requested haha... nice to see you bloggin', hope the conx manages to stay up. hey you like to blog alot on food hehe... gotta start watching your weight oredi nyeh nyeh...