Monday, September 11, 2006

My First Birthday Away From Home

And it was a super awesome, enjoyable and memorable one. I was pampered and showered with so much love the whole weekend right up to the day itself. So even though I don't have my family celebrating my birthday with me this year, I was not left lonely as I have a new bunch of 'family' aka awesome friends who took the effort to make my day a special and happy one.

My godbro, Ed came to find me a day before. Thinking that I'm all new to KL, he decided to bring me to the most famous landmark of our country, KLCC. More shopping as it’s the last day of mega sale. *wink*. My god bro bought me a cute schnauzer from Memory Lane. My 1st birthday gift..haha.

We then went for lunch at San Francisco steakhouse. I had smoked salmon spaghetti and Ed had lobster spaghetti. We enjoyed the lunch and the great soothing view of the park outside klcc. We hang out a little more shopping and window shopping around KLCC.

For dinner, godbro and I went to Shook at Starhill for dinner. And guess what? We saw Vannes Wu and Kang Ta at Times Square! Shook is a heaven to chill out with quiet dining atmosphere and they have life bands performing jazz. But unfortunately, the life band wasn’t performing that night. It was my first time there and as I flipped through the menu, I thought the name of this dish sounds interesting; ‘snow white dancing prawns’. In actual fact, it’s actually deep fried prawns with hot mayonnaise and it’s one of the best way to cook prawns. I mean I really really love that! Super nice. The menu was so thick we had a tough time going through it and deciding what to eat. Finally we settled for grilled salmon (yep, salmon again..i love salmons too! ), bbq chicken kebab and Japanese cheese nachos.

At the end of the day, I reached home at about a quarter to 1am and my whole house lights were already off. Thinking that everyone was asleep (though it’s a bit unusual for everyone to sleep so early), I went into the house quietly, taking care not to make too much noise. When I entered the house and switched on the lights, I saw my friends in a corner holding birthday muffins and they started singing happy birthday. I was so surprised and happy to see them waiting up for me just to celebrate my birthday. I felt so warmed that I wanna give each of them a hug. After the song, I tried blowing off the candles but the candles were really magical. The lights went off and came alive again and I had to blew it really hard. Only after the 6th or 7th time before it permanently died off..haha. Then it was time for the present and guess what I got? G-string! And not any normal one, but bright red furry one *faint*. Haha.. Kuria, Hui Fang, Kat, Sze wei, Jessie, Jing Wei, Jian Wei, Beng Siang, and Chun ppl are too cute and creative. And that's not all. Kuria and Hui Fang stayed up to watched ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ with me after the cutting cake just because it was my birthday. We felt the movie was super lame and we ended up only sleeping at 5.30am but I had a very wonderful time already. After all, it's the company that count, no? It's the first time ever anyone actually planned a surprise for me and it was a nice one really. I love surprises and they really caught me by surprised this time. :)

I cant exactly remember how I managed to pull myself out of bed at 7.30am that morning but well, I did but feeling all sleepy and panda-like. Sat through 2 hours of lectures but the exciting part was after class! haha. My friends suggested that we go hang out at Mid Valley to celebrate my birthday so together with Kuria, Hui Fang, Ming Siew, Suk Kuan, Sze Wei, Ee Yin, Su Sian, Jian Wei, Beng Siang, Victor and Deepesh, we went to watch ‘Snakes on A Plane’. It was not a horror movie but I hate reptiles and it just got my goose bumps standing. So me and Kuria was holding on to each other and we did let out a few screams in between laughter. And the guys just cant stop laughing at us,girls because they can't understand why are we screaming at a movie that is rated non-horror. tsk tsk. To wrap up my day, Ed brought me and Kuria to Hard Rock CafĂ© for dinner. We love their chicken and cheese macaroni but the nacho’s was way too much we couldn't finish it. While we were halfway through dinner though, someone sent me an invitation to play tic tac toe. At first, I don't quite understand why then Ed explained that it's one of those tactic guys used when they want to hit on a girl. haha!

I certainly had an amazing time and I felt really touched to know that so many cares. I like to say a super duper huge gigantic THANK YOU to Kuria, Hui Fang, Kat, Ming Siew, Sarah, May Vern, Su Sian, Ee Yin, Suk Kuan and Edward for the sleek and funky adidas bag, godbro Ed for ur dog, CD perfume and everything else, Aunty Anne, En and Bel for the wonderful dinner and beautiful flowers, Shirlyn, Chew Yen, Hwee Li, Norven, Sin Yee, Joyce and Ben for the cool roxy wallet, Sabrina and Li Fen for the funly tee, Victor for Haagen Daz, my pbl group for the yummy cheesecakes and Rosanne, Ming Eng, May Leen, Michelle, Luq, Roy, Stanley, Chong, Bryan H, Bryan G, Chee Meng, Charlene, Justin, Wui Woon, Yuet Ming, Mars, Ken, Cky, Sf, Quan, Calvin, everyone at home, Roe Jin, Stephen, Simon, godbro WY and every single one of u,(I’m sorry if I miss out your name but I really appreciate you too! ) for sparing your time remembering me on this special day and making my birthday such a wonderful one. I absolutely love you people!! *muacks*

My first visit to Victoria Station

The three cutest doggies in Memory Lane, smoked salmon spaghetti in San Francisco steakhouse and yummy grilled salmon at Shook

Snow white dancing prawns and godbro with his chicken kebab

These are the creative and cute people..look at their super creative gift!

Big bunch at kfc and Kuria n me at Hard Rock

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miss ah, i jz realized ur blog title has something to do with fondue :P does dat ring a bell? pasar malam wed..hehe..u and HF up to wat now? i cant log into msn messenger lar..wanna vomit and die d..ahaks..o ya, ur was a pleasure buying red and furry stuff for u :) ya lots..see u in class tmr

me too cant log into msn! guess itz msn fault now..haha..fondue = chocolate = u noe wat! =) u too..c u 2moro

ally put chatterbox..haha...u are good at craping..teach me some next time..i must learn more crapping techniques and skills..haha bout sch fees?haha..kiddin..