Sunday, September 17, 2006

Calvary Carnival

Well, was suppose to blog bout this last nite but i was too tired and the connection was bad.

The Calvary Carnival was held at the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club. I went with Kat, Helena, Jing Wei and Edmund. Hui Fang couldn’t wake up and she wasn’t feeling too well. I couldn’t believe my alarm rang for 30 minutes before I finally got up (shows how much I was enjoying my sleep..haha). The whole place was packed with people, games and of course, sinfully good food!

At the entrance to all the good food and games!

Helena, me and Kat at the big slide

We had our lunch at the pool side under the sun at 1pm (more tan for everyone..hehe)

Icy cool coconuts on such a hot day

Maryanne and I at our drink stall

Hanging out at Kuria's popiah and spaghetti stall

Penguin on my right and butterfly on my left hand

Poodle joins in the fun too..itz so cute rite? Auntie with daring red hairstyle

The carnival was a blast and it was fun making the extra fats, tan and tiredness that I accumulated today worthwhile. *winkz* Truly enjoyed myself. By God's grace, hopefully the carnival managed to achieve the target set.

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haa... that lady is cool sia. wonder wat she must be thinking ... "dis photographer siao wan izzit"... haha. .. at least no need pay royalty for her photo ahem!

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is good to know u hav so much fun in kl. aikss~ haha :) take care girl! miss ya... whey, must update me more on our little experiment alrite?

haih. got bad sunburn on me nose la :( and noticed my skin getting darker oso oredi (red!)... no more carnivals for me this year heh heh...