Saturday, September 16, 2006

School of Medicine Society Party

I just got our SMS (School of Medicine Society) party photos today. Last Fri, we had our first SMS party in conjunction with Dr. Hadi’s farewell at our senior, May Ching’s house. Dr. Hadi will be going to UK to help the refugees. It was the first official party that we got to mingle and got to know more about our seniors. The party was overall quite fun minus the fact that I got thrown into the pool all thanks to KJW and Greg. I couldn't really reme,bered how I ended up in the fool but those 2 somehow were ones dragging me into the pool. I wouldn't had mind actually had I went prepared to get wet. But the most pitiful one is actually my dearest Kuria. She came all the way back to save me but ended up being thrown into the pool as well and as result, her hp had spoilt! I felt so bad!

On another note, a big shoutout here to one of my bff since high school, Choo Sin Yee aka Piggy Choo! haha

*Happy Birthday Sin Yee*

Happy 20th birthday my dear friend. I hope you’ll stay pretty and cute always. I hope you like the perfume we gave you. It’s been so long since we last hang out together. I miss those good and fun times in school, in tuitions and hanging out together. I'm missing those good old days where we will make fun of ‘da-pao’, rushing off to tuitions, vomit and die together, St.john, and of course city square! Haha..I miss u so much piggy. The‘animal’ + SUMO gang rocks!!Miss you girls much! :)

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wahhhh... so bad toss you all into the pool wan....