Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spastic Visit

Went to the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor in PJ today. After a brief intro by one of the volunteers there, Pn.Mary, we were brought around to visit the whole centre and to understand the children daily activities. Being spastic actually means cerebral palsy, in simpler terms, some part of their brain is damage. Iit can be duer to damage before, during or after birth by which till now, we still can't find the exact reason for damage before and during birth.

We visited their speech therapy, hydrotherapy (the kids were happily playing in the pool with the supervisor and their parents guiding them), occupational therapy, gym, cooking room, workshop etc..I bought a bracelet and bookmark hand-made by the spastic children. It's really very beautiful and delicate. These kids are really talented too.

Well, i would love to upload some pictures now but haven gotten the pics yet. So, shall upload them later. Again as a reminder in life, we should all be thankful and grateful that we can live life normally everyday with a brain to think, eyes to see, nose to smell, mouth to talk, ears to hear and limbs to move. We are all so fortunate to be born normal. So, appreciate life and don't let little things in life make u feel useless and worthless or giving up on life. I also say kudos to these parents who sacrifice unconditionally to look after their child. After all, spastic anot, I believe everyone is special in their very own ways and as a human, be given the equal love, care and protection.

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