Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sunway Lagoon Fun

We ( Kat, AP, Hamtaro and me) had a great, fun day at Sunway Lagoon today. It's my first visit to their water park. I totally love playing in the water park. I simply had high affinity for water activities. We also went on all the rides in the dry park. The guys actually dared to challenge us on 'who can last longer on the Tomahawk'. Wrong dare guys haha! After 2 rounds on the 'tomahawk', Hamtaro nearly fainted while both me and Kat were still standing strong.  Me and Kat could have easily survive another round. :p We covered almost everything in the theme park ; the flume ride, board surfing, tube slides, the gondola, the tomahawk, the wave pool, swimming pool etc.

On the suspension bridge overlooking the whole theme park

Me, Kat and AP pose for the camera before goin down the slide

Flume ride

We ate our dinner at Dragon-i. Their xiao long baos are super nice. Remind me of the ones i had in Shanghai.

Try feedin AP peanuts

After dinner, we went shopping at Sunway Pyramid before the movie, Devil Wears Prada.By the time I got home, I literally just wanna drag myself to bed and do nothing else but all in all, it was a super fun day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the cool JBrians. :)

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Hi there Allison,

Micheal here. Care to tell me more about ur opinion/recommendations about Sunway Lagoon? Juz for info, I'm a staff at the theme park and am interested in your blog. E mail me k? Thanks n cheers.