Saturday, December 09, 2006

Of Exam Results and Satays

I reached home at bout 4pm today. Nearly missed our bus this morning as me and Katong got to Pudu late but for once, we were thankful for the inpunctual Msian I was supposed to blog bout this yesteday but i couldn't go online so here is another belated post:

7th December 2006 :

We took our results for our end of the yr exam today. The dean was in the lecture room sharp at 3.00pm. He released our result one by one and it just got me more and more nervous as he slowly went down the list of names. But fortunately, I passed my exam. Hurray!! As expected, I did not do so well for osce but I guessed my other two papers pulled me up. Anyway this is only 10% of our total finals next yr so we can always strive harder next sem.

We ( Sian, Ky, Hw, Hf, Greg and I ) later went to Kajang for Kajang Satay at this coffee shop known as Malaysia Restaurant. Sian recommended that as one of the best in Kajang. The aroma of the satay soaked right through us even when we were 6 shop houses away. But the satays were really delicious. There are no fats or thick layer of skin in between the whole chunk of meat. I love the fish and chicken satay and d gravy. Sian loves the beef satay and Hf says that the duck satays were good too. I finished bout 8 sticks. Hw, tho small in size but she had a huge appetite. I think she ate bout 15 sticks of satay on top of two roasted chicken wings and d fried noodles we all shared.

After a fulfilling satay meal, we went to Sian’s house to hang around for a while. Our initial 30 minutes stop eventually became bout 2 and a half hour. We played heart attack and ‘murderer’. Our heart attack game nearly got all of us heart attack with laughter as Greg, our biggest loser is oso the biggest joker of the nite..haha..Can’t imagine he lost 4 streaks in a row and the funniest was when he won and still hit his own hand. =p..Greg o Greg! Neway we all had a good time together. But poor Louis and Ria had to bear a long time b4 finally we brought deir satay home.

Enjoyin our chicken, beef, duck and fish satay

Ky and Greg posin wif ketupats

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hehe..greg..just say the name and i will remember how we laugh n laugh until stomach ache and sore throat...oh parents dun mind la but they think u ppl are an extremeely noisy bunch..hahaa...they sed it was like those days when IMU gals were living above our condo unit :P *ahem ahem huiwenn u reading this too??* haaha..

haha..oops..guessed we were too carried away wif our heart attack! paise bout dat..hehe..but dis time der are two guys oso..not just all gers!