Thursday, December 14, 2006

Remembering Citibank Days

I just checked my email and im very glad to received 2 different emails from 2 different person. The 1st one is from a very close fren of mine who is studyin in uk now. It's interesting to discuss bout our lil experiment and it's good to hear fr her. The second email really caught me by surprised. I never expected my ex-boss from Citibank to send me a personal email considering dat he had dozens of email to reply n c to everyday and he is the Regional Branch Manager for Johor Bahru. Neway it kinda remind me of dos times dat i had while working in Citibank. Those experiences and the colleagues i met der is definitely something dat cant be exchange for money. It's a really bizarre way of how i got into Citibank. Recommendation from my ode ex-boss from Focus Point. Titan called me up, im still slepin, my mum picked, then somehow Luqman got called oso, we went for interview together, started training and voila, started working, havin to sign contracts and undergoin insurance courses. While working is not all dat sweet n nice, der are a lot of office politics going on (thank god im not jz an observer)..working shows the realistic n cold side of human, of what they are capable of doin in order to save their own rice bowl n climb the corporate ladder. I hope next time in my workin environment, such unhealthy competition and doings will not happen..(kinda wishful tinkin here huh) From the weird,cool, funny,nice, not so nice antics of customers to romance-within-the-office, ders not a dull day at all. On top of dat, i learned a lot 'bout credit cards, their pros n cons and i saw dat even in dis modern, gadget-savvy 21st century, live within the vicinity of this urban area, there are still many ppl who do not noe wat a credit card is. No wonder we still heard of ppl declaring bankcrupt or commit suicide because of credit cards. Credit cards wont kill u unless u start accumulating debts and interest. I oso miss those days dat i get to hang out wif my colleagues, when we work very hard for a roadshow (tho it can be sometimes borin), for sales (especially durin ecap period) and the ups n downs when we see our approval or rejection rate everyday. It just makes u feel more happy n excited when u c dat ur approval rate is hitting 20 as there will be a bonus on top of ur monthly pay n commission. My highest record is onli 29 approval in a month if im not mistaken. Miss the 30-bonus. But don tink its easy achieving even ten approval. When i first started training, i tot it would be very easy to hit 10 each month but when i saw dat many ode colleagues fr ode teams who got their commission burned cz they cant hit 10, i noe itz not dat easy. And of course the 1st day i got my very own namecard, with my name n position printed on it, for a 20 yr old, it felt good..haha..And the 1st time i got my pay slip, all sealed up. Wat drives me to work even harder and of course better, once u get the hang of the job, is the figures printed at the bottom of ur pay slips each month, not forgettin the top sales position in ur category. But havin no car is a pretty big restriction if u realli wna go all d way out. So luckily i have very nice colleagues who is willing to gimme rides. Working in Citibank oso test relationships as complete trust n understanding is required between couples. If not, many misunderstandings n jealousy and problems are sure to arised. Neway, I really treasured dos experiences and care showered by my ex colleagues. Although card sales is not something i wna do for a lifetime, but it's been a great 5 months experience working in dat corporate company.

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