Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rice Ball Festival

Happy ‘rice ball’ festival ( or better known as ‘tong yuen’ festival ) to everyone. This is the 1st time I’m away fr home during rice ball festival. I miss my mum’s glutinous rice ball. I miss helping her to make those rounded rice balls, I miss her soup and I miss her tong yuen! Since it is the rice ball festival, I definitely cant go without rice balls. So, I had my share of rice balls at Esquire Kitchen. The rice balls there definitely cant be compared to my mum’s. The soup is pretty tasteless and the fillings of the rice balls are too sweet. On top of dat, for each bowl, we only had 3 rice balls. Aiks!

Rice balls time at Esquire Kitchen

Neway my latest baby is my new stethoscope which is dark blue in colour and cost me over RM 200. And soon, I’m gonna get my ophthalmoscope set, tendon hammer, pen torch and most probably tuning fork which will cost me another 4 or 5 hundred over bucks! But since I can use them even after I graduate, and for life (hopefully), I think this little investment is gonna be worth it.

Say hello to my new baby

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2 fondue dips : stethoscope is the same colour as yours lar...haih..i want it to be rainbow coloured! haha..i wanna eat tang yuan oso! we're gonna be very near each other soon :)

blue rocks!! soon to be neighbour!