Friday, December 15, 2006

Singapore Orchard Road

I went to Singapore again today with Shir n Charlene. It’s been almost 3 yrs since I last saw Charlene. Time reali flies. The last I met up with Charlene she was still learning bakery and now, she is already working at Grand Hyatt Singapore baking pastry. And only recently, she won a competition in baking pastry and went to US. Marvellous!

We went to Din Tai Fung for lunch. A fren of Charlene, Ming Chao shifu (the service assistant called him that), the 2nd chef der is also sort of the person in charge, so all thanks to him we got 1 tray of free ‘xiao long pao’ (which otherwise cost SGD 9.80) and red bean n yam paste dumplings (according to Charlene’s fren, he made dat specially for us..felt so privelleged..haha).. The ‘xiao long pao’ is really mini, and the skin is very fine n translucent. We also had their prawn fried rice,some sweet n sour soup with lots of black fungus, vinegar, tofu, egg and dno wat else and a recommended fried pork dumpling vermicelli. Lunch was on Charlene. Ger, next time u come to KL, lunch will be on me =)

We at Din Tai u tink me n Charlene look alike? back in sec sch, some ppl call us twin!

They say each xiao long pau has at least 18 folds..more than that..hehehe

Neway after lunch, it was shopping time. We went to Far East Plaza again. Shir is so in love wif pink..haha..she got her camera, which is pink a pink pouch. There are some interesting stuff such as guy g-strings and boxers with Spongebob printed big and bold..haha. After Charlene went to work, me n Shir walked around Wisma Atria and Takashimaya. MNG was havin up to 50% sales and the whole store was packed wif ppl. I wanted to try on two pieces of tops but when I look at the queue to the dressing room, I gave up. I’ll come back to Msia n buy cuz its not like it is cheaper in Singapore. In fact, it’s slightly more expensive. The onli worry is that Msia does not have dat model dat I want. The queue was so long and each person has at least 3 pieces of items in hand. Singaporeans shop for MNG as tho they are free. They just take, take, take, take.

Enjoyin some Monkey Business, Morning dews and Melon Kisses at Far East Plaza

Earrings for sale..The whole wall of it

It was kinda hard for us to take pic today as it was raining. So, me n Shir went to the basement of Taka, where there's an abundant of food and bought a walnut cheesecake. Taste good but too creamy for me. After we got quite tired of walking, we went to Grand Hyatt and look for Charlene. She treated us once again to some of her very own bake chocolate cookies which are very delicious, very rich in chocolate and it’s selling for SGD 6.00 per pack of 10.

Along Orchard Road. Mother Mary giving birth to Jesus

This huge xmas tree almost reachin the top of Taka

Shir, Alli and the great pastry chef herself =p
I felt quite tired today but I felt really happy to meet up wif Charlene after not seeing her for so long, and of course Shir, one of my closest and longest-knowing friend around. 

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