Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm in UCSI Ad!

Went to uni today. Supposed to do a photo shoot for the gift shop ad but the photographer was almost 3 hours late and still nowhere in sight. So, me, Vic and Andrew got fed up of waiting and we left.

Meanwhile i realised that the photo shoot i did with Vic, Deep and a bunch of few other students a few months back is now the latest official ad of UCSI. So now, we are the ambassadors of UCSI. Our photo is printed on all ads promoting UCSI including the newspaper, postcards, ucsi mag and even the calender! And Terry say that our ad is being circulated all around the world (hmm..this is kinda exaggerating i think..haha).

Yellow arrow : Me. Ad in Sin Chew Newspaper
Our ad in The STAR paper
Even on the postcards

So if you think you had saw me, yes you really did! :)

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hey got ur christmas card!..thank u so so much! it's really cute n it..thanks!

merry christmas too k.!...we shall hav a convent meet up soon n miss ya.. all the best..muak

welcome..miss u too! muacks..n lookin forward meetin up soon too! tat also can o.. future ur news sure on newspaper de la..dun think i forgot to view ur blog..i ont..

nice ad wei!!i'm back anyway..just reach jb this morning..haha..

hope to meet u soon..