Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1st Clinical Session

We had our first clinical session today. Our facilitator is Dr. Aishah. We combined group with A2 as there are onli two lecturers available. This is the 1st time i had class with Dr. Aishah and it is the most fun class of all.

We learned a whole new bunch of terms and methods such as how to check for percussion, palpation, looking at the chest movements, vocal fremitus, and tactile vocal resonance. The whole session was really interesting as we finally get to put wat we learn fr books into practical. Dr. Aishah was less naggy than usual and she facilitate us all the way, guiding us along.

There was even public undressing. Actually not really in public, but in front of the 12 of us. hehe. The 'patient' (who is among us) gotta undress their top, be it a guy or girl! But of course girls will only undress in front of us girls. So we learned on two 'patients' today, a guy n a girl. I think today clinical class is realli fun and useful. I'm certainly looking forward to the next session. :)

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