Sunday, January 28, 2007

National Blood Centre Visit

National Blood Centre
Listening to the introduction by Mr. Phua
Last Wed, we went to the National Blood Centre for a visit. The main objectives of the centre is to provide safe, sufficient and quality blood to medical centres in Msia. To increase the quality and efficiency of blood transfusion in our country, there are also the haematology, immunohaematology, haemostasis, thrombosis and transfusion microbiology labs in the centre. The centre also produced drugs such as 'clotting factor VIII and XI' which are use for haemophilic patients and a small bottle of this drugs can go up as high as RM 2,000. Blood donation is also divided into two, the whole blood donation where the pack cells, plasma and platelets are donated and apheresis, where only plasma and platelets are donated.
Some of the gadgets use at the various labs in the centre

Looks pretty comfy rite? for whole blood donors

The apheresis machine

Packets of fresh blood stored between 2-6 degree celsius

Plasma and platelets are stored at -30 degree celsius..3 sec in the freezer and we can start generating ice i guess

These washing machine look alikes are actully centrifugiers

Kat, SZ, MV, Kuria and me after comin out of -30 degree celsius

Finally..a grp pic b4 goin back to uni

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