Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007


It's year 2007, a new yr, which means a whole new challenges ahead and a whole new journey to look forward to.

I went wif HF, Katong and his 9 other friends to Genting for countdown. I woke up as early as 5.00 am and by 6.00 in the morning, i was out of the house as HF's friend need to get to the airport too.

Genting was packed with ppl but it was still ok in the morning cz we all went 3 round on the cockscrew! But by noon, every single game had such a long long queue dat we decided to wait for nite b4 we continued. We went for the flume ride at nite and we shivered all through the ride..haha.

There was a concert going on in First World and super packed wif ppl. The crowd started getting high as midnite drew near and by the time the clock struck midnite, we all ushered in new year in a welcoming, happy and fantastic mood. Balloons dropped and sounds of grabbing and bursting ballooons can be heard. At the same time, there were also fireworks display for almost 15 min. Very beautiful. The concert went on wif some cantonese, mandarin and Hokkien songs followed wif a group of Brazillian dancers to spice up the atmosphere.

About 1.30 am, we were more than ready to go back to our hotel for rest. We had a hard time finding a place. All Genting hotels were fully booked and the place that we finally found is actually 10 minutes drive away from Genting, situated at some isolated mountain that look very scary in the midst of the thick mist at nite and colder than usual. After playing the 'teacup', almost everyone wasn't feeling reali good. HF had headaches. On top of the human traffic, there were car traffic too. We played mafia while waiting for the van to come to take us to the hotel.

I was the 1st to take my bath and at 3 am in the morning, the water was bone-chilling cold and i almost froze in shower. There was a heater but alas, the hot water is not functional. At dawn, it was so so cold that in even in jacket, socks and blanket, my leg nearly cramp fr coldness. Luckily, Mr. Sun came up later in the morning to warmed up the atmosphere.

The whole trip was ok but next time, we gotta pre-book hotel rooms 1st. I'm also glad to get to noe Katong's 9 ode fren who are basically almost the replica of Katong's character..=p..haha..Me and Hf ended the whole trip with a massage fr the massage chair which indeed helped relieved our aching and tiredness.

I don't usually make new year resolutions but i hope in this new yr, i won't grow any more fatter..HAHAHA!! Nah, just hope to have a smooth yr ahead, one filled wif sweet memories and pleasant experience =)

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tumei here...althought bz with my staff..i still fullfill my promise..will come here n read ur blog when i online...wish u happy new year ya..take care..


all de best in year 07'

take care alrite.. hugs**