Sunday, January 21, 2007

Police and Society Role

One of my housemate, who is also my coursemate got robbed yesterday in broad daylight at Jln. Pantas, the street i am living in currently. The theft rob her handphone which is a very new and cio Sony Ericson which cost bout 1600k (bout this price when she just bought it). Thank God she is unhurt. I always knew that the area around my uni, the place im living in is NOT safe but every now and then when i heard of incidents happening especially to ppl close around me, it will just send another shudder of fear down my spine. Wat if i'm the next victim? Gosh..i don't even wna tink bout it. Fine if they just take ur money, but wat if they hurt u as well? Thefts and robbers these days are really getting more n more brutal n inhuman. (hmm i tink they are inhuman all along if not they wouldnt try taking snatching/robbing ppl of their belongings). Police do patrol my area but how often can the police patrol? How effective are the police in carrying out their role? How much can they be trusted? Being a Malaysian, i truly wanted to believe in the efficiency of our Malaysia police force. But time and again, i witnessed living proof and testimonials that our police force are really good at catching or poking their nose into minor, teeny-weeny business such as fining couples who are merely holding hands, catching the wrong ppl and force them to be spagegoat since they want to close the case fast, investigating teens who are just merely hanging out at mamak and probably a lot more matters that are far less important compare to hooking the real big, bad wolf, catching the snatch theft, robbers and rapist that are disturbing the peacefulness and security of the people. I known of so many people around me, my fren and my own mother who are victims of snatch theft and had make police report, placing in them hopes that the criminal will be caught and brought to justice but all in vain. Months after months of waiting after making the report and the police seems to have close the case and the criminal scott free. All the police report seems just like a sort of formality and to keep track of the number of cases. On top of dat, these petty crime criminals are usually minors who don't even bother masking themselves and are easily recognise. So i don't think they be dat difficult to be hunted down if the police really tried hard and bother investigating.

Besides the police, how vigilant and cooperative are the society in preventing crime such as snatch theft, robbery, rape cases etc etc and helping to identify and catch these criminals? Often, whenever a crime case occurs, people all turn kiasu and kiasi (fully adapt the Singaporean culture). They are too scare to stand up for the truth and be witness.(i'm not saying all but majority). The saddest part is when people whom u tot are ur frenz and neighbours refused to stand up and would rather be a coward even if they witnessed u being a victim of a crime or being bullied. Of course, kudos to those brave heroes and heroins who dare to stand up and play a role especially in fighting crime. I think the malaysian non-of-my-business attitude should be curb and dispose. If the citizens dont start being united and help each other out in upholding justice, more people are only goin to suffer and be victims of those inhuman scourge.

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i so totally agree. not to mention the degree of corruption is astounding! haih, unfortunately for us, no matter how much we talk, it isn't really going to change.