Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine Date

Love is in the air~~

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovey dovey couple n all pretty, happy single's..

As for me, tonight there's no fancy dinner, dress up or going out with a debonair and tall hunk..Instead my date for this valentine is absolutely one of the most brain taxing, need big memory storage and exist in micro alphabets. It is just me, myself and my moral notes! Sounds pathetic? haha...well can't help it since i had my moral mid term exam 2moro..

Dont belittle dis notes..the philosophies takes time to be digested and i have to finish all in one night..

But nonetheless i got some pretty flowers and chocolates from my frenz to acc me thru dis Valentine...

This cute lil doggy and chocolates is from our very sweet 'pet'..hehe..OJ is sweet enuf to treat everyone chocolates

Call me biased, but i like pink flowers better..haha

Pink and red roses thanks to AJ

Well, actually to all busy couples, it's ok if u can't go out on valentine day..As long as u all are sweet and loving and chummy throughout the year, everyday is Valentine's day =)

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