Wednesday, February 28, 2007

NKF Visit

Our uni organized another trip to the National Kidney Foundation centre today. The week b4 cny, grp A members had went. So, today it was our turn. We listened to an intro by Dr. Shanker, one of the committee member of the NKF and he gave us a general intro about NKF. We also went to visit the dialysis patients. However, there's only about 10 dialysis machines. The centre will soon be moved to a bigger area to accommodate the increasing number of patients. We were only allowed about 5 min in the dialysis room in small groups of 5 as renal failure patients are immuno compromise. We were also given a booklet and a small cute kidney shape collarpin as souvenir dat grp A did not received last week..haha.. All in all, I added anode experience to my life today.

We with Dr. Shanker (2nd fr right back row)

Dialysis machine

Pointing to our collarpins..hehe

Cute kidney shape collar pin dat says 'LOVE UR KIDNEYS'..very true indeed..our kidneys are doing a lot for us

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