Sunday, February 25, 2007

One week of CNY

It's been a week into Chinese New Year. It's the eight day already. It's the Hokkien cny tomorrow. Fireworks had been going on all nite. Class will oso be starting tomorrow. Time really pass so quickly.

Chinese New Year is never complete without the must-have reunion dinner, lots of cny cookies, good food, bbq pork (bah gua), mandarin oranges, lou yee shang, new clothes, visiting frenz n relatives, playing card games, mah jong, cny songs, fireworks (i'm watching fireworks now as i'm typing), lion dances and of course red packets (ang paus)!hehe..

Here are some pics to show what i had been doing for the past one week. As usual, went SP, Penang (not the island..jam 3,4 hours to the island..better not go) and Kulim to visit some relatives. Other than that, basically i have been eating a lot getting myself more prosperous looking (all the cookies, bah gua, yee shang mud pies, fish, prawns, chicken and countless ode food), visiting relatives, frenz, teachers, played card games, mahjong and of course red packets (ang paus)!

Fireworks outside my hse for bout half an hour on cny eve

Bro and I..really bored during the almost 9 hours car ride up Penang

The view fr my hotel room

In the hotel room

Me n lion head at Swiss Inn main lobby

@ weN's hse

@ Tgif

@ Mrs. Ignatius hse..itz kinda blur..her husband 1ST attempt wif a camera fon..haha

@ Mr. Tey's hse

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4 fondue dips : i like the photo u posing with the pillow..really pretty and sweet..

And I look super fat in the photo taken at tgif..

I really need to go on DIET man!!

haha..thanks..=)...u noe wat i tink? itz jz angle prob..u r not SUPER FAT! lets diet together..hahaha

Sure ...I'm trying my best to go on diet..but its super hard..

I'm too greedy..too into sin-ful food..I js love eating too much...


hahahaha..wat to do..sinful food made us happy =p