Monday, February 05, 2007

Shop, shop, Shop

This whole weekend i had been doing one of the stuff i really enjoy..... SHOPPING!!

Actually thought of adding more clothes for the cny, but end up buyin more formal wears instead. I tink nowadays, i kinda hv this obsession to shop for formal clothes (for classes) more than those casual wear..perhaps it is because of the need to wear formal clothes every single day..5 days a week at least.

I went with MS, Kat and Liyana to Espirit yesterday. And these are wat i got from there :

A sort of formal top, pants and belt

And that's not all. More shopping steals from Mid Val today. :)

Bodyglove also gives away red packets

After finding for a long time...I finally bought this pair of boot

I love this bag too

Along with my Puma bag, actually came a tag dat says 'suitable for' :

i) standing at a bus stop
ii) a fun night out
iii) serious sporting use
iv) meetin an ex for tea
v) some light gardening
vi) whatever

I just tot the last bit of 'some light gardening' hilarious..haha..

I really enjoyed shopping and am very happy to add all those to my collection but....

there is quite a deep hole in my pocket now!!! haha...i cant believe i spent so much in just 2days..hicks! Gotta start saving money again for more shopping trips next time :p

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3 fondue dips :

hey there.. lol~ i got the same puma bag as u.. got it from wen and tong last birthday!

how's eveyrthing lately?

you shopping queens! guys really need to see a shopping therapist :P

chloe: lolz..dats so coincidental..haha..shows we all have similar taste =p..neway everything is still gd..cant wait to go home for cny tho..

kuria: don't u love shopping too? lets go c the therapist 2gede..haha