Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Aristotles

It's a rainy day today. Just the type of day i love to sleep. If not for our moral presentation this morning, i dont tink i will be able to wake up..haha.. Yea, we, 'The Aristotles' finally did our presentation today. Altho it's only a 15 odd minutes of presentation and some ppl might not appreciate it and think it is not good enough, but we seriously had put in a lot of effort doing it. I'm not boasting but i felt our presentation was realli good. All 6 of us had really tried our best and although some of us had panic attacks the night b4, but i tink they really did well today. At least we were clear and we understood the topic we were presenting. And we tried keeping our slides concise and short so that the audience focus will be on us, on wat we are talking about rather than staring at the slides onli. On top of dat, our topic is on bioethics comprising of human cloning and stem cell research so obviously we have quite a lot of scientific terms. I tink he really was on purpose and especially pick on us, commenting about us looking 'out-of-sort' and not smiling and being too scientific (we were jz being professional..cant expect us to be giggling throughout presentation rite?n out of sort?hello?i tink we were compose) And he ask us so many questions that mostly were not related to our topic but he did not even ask other groups dat much ques, nor comment on dem as nasty he did to us (i tink he is biased against us..we shall noe soon y). So, to all my dearest Aristotles, i tink we all had done our best! And we were the best for today and happy working with you guys..hehe. ;)

*Ladies in black..The Aristotles*

Neway i'm so happy that we do not have classes for the whole of tomorrow. Since we got no classes, bout 12 of us went for steamboat at Sunway for dinner jz now..all the way to Sunway..haha..This whole week is supposedly a very heavy week for me cz i have so much to study for assessment. I wonder how can i fin Rao's respiratory physio of over 90 pages of sheerwood on top of aishah hyperlipidemia by fri. And also 16 topics for pbl on thurs..Arghh!

Our uni organized a speed typing competiton lately. Even Dr. Sunda took part and managed to make it to the quarter finals..haha..he may not b exactly the fastest typer, but he certainly aim for zero error.

Dr. Sunda at the competiton

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moral presentation? haha...

yeah, i ll be back in june but i will be able to meet up with u, don worry. So how is our little experiment goin?

take care babe. miss ya!