Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mountain Trekking

Today i tried something pretty challenging and new to me. SK brought us ( me, HF, SW, PJ, BS, BT, KY n Kumar ) for mountain trekking at a place known as Batu Sembilan in Kajang. Initially i thought it would be the kind of small hill where we can easily climb to the top of the hill and be able to admire the scenery below.

However, when we reached there, i realised that it is actually a real hill wif tall trees and muddy, steep slopes to overcome. So on empty stomach, we started climbing the hill feeling really excited and energetic hoping to reached the 7th station, which is the uppermost n last station soon.

In the beginning...all still energetic

The trek up the hill became more n more challenging as we goes up the hill as it is very muddy and slippery. We could barely see the sun as the tall trees block out most of the sunlight. The most common insect dat we saw is the fire ant, which is fat n is a very huge ant. There are barely flowers around, mostly mushroom species.

We took a longer route up the hill and by the time everyone got to the 7th station ( yea..we made it after almost 3 hours of climb ), we were pretty breathless, hungry and tired. After the 7th station, we continued for another 45 mins down anode slippery, stepper slope to the waterfall.

Somewhere along the trek after station 7..on the way to the waterfall

My leg is all dirty

After 45 min of hard trekking, we finally reached this waterfall

After 5 hours plus of trekking through the mountain....

So after 5 hours plus of trekking, other than almost covering up most of the mountain area and waterfall, we gained dyspnoea, muscle aches, mosquitoes bites, hunger and palpitation (yea, i can hear my heart beats n feel dem), i felt pretty satisfy with myself for being able to accomplish the whole thing and though im physically reali tired, i dont fl mentally tired at all.

Oh, fortunately we have the guys goin with us..they really helped us alot goin up n down the mountain..realli taking care of us and preventing us from slipping and everythin..Thanks guys! The feeling of gratefulness was unexplainable especially when u r falling n feeling helpless and some1 jz stretch out his hand for u, literally lending a helping hand.

It's certainly good exercise and I think I won't mind going for more next time. :)

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