Monday, March 26, 2007

SW's 21st Birthday

After all the planning and unfortunate last minute changes, everything finally went smoothly and we got to watched Mr. Bean as well. We went to Dragon-i to celebrate Sze Wei's 21st birthday. We pakat with PJ and came up with this whole plan to surprised her. Actuali i thought that our initial plan would surprised her more..haha

I had my xiao long bao 2day, one of the many cravings i had for this weekend..hehe..

My 'mummy' (??) and my 'abah'..hahaha

My love..haha..but its too mini..i miss shanghai's one!

SW puffing away her candles

i tink i look like piglet..haha..bday girl n me

The group..PJ, Louis n Jing Wei missing

We were sitting at the 1st row tilting our head watching Mr. Bean, the Holiday.. i tink Rowan Atkinson can realli\y act. He is just so hilarious.haha.. had a good laugh..

I'm so excited and happy thinking of all the plans i had for after my finals.. if any of it don work out, in gna b so sad..haha..(it will it will work out!!..haha)

clue : * phantom of the opera, langkawi, penang.*

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