Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last Clinical Session Yr 1

Today is the last clinical session of our sem b4 our Yr 1 professional exam and we had a surprised 'visit' fr Dr. Crs. We were supposed to have Dr. Mk as our facilitator but Dr. Crs came in as well. And as usual he was disappointed. From the 1st ques he asked Tur, I'm sure he was disappointed. He asked Tur if she studied and Tur said she read but not studied and he started his usual lecture on how we shd get serious wif our studies, consider properly our choice of studies bla bla bla. Another thing bout Dr. Crs is dat he is very 'pantang' with ppl goin to toilet, yawn, drink water or even stretch in his lecture, class, pbl or clinical session. So, when H went to the toilet, he got more angry on top of his already mounting upsetness and told Dr. Mk not to let H into class anymore. He even said that he noe none of us like him and he is the most hated person around sch. When i heard that, i was wondering how i shd react. Stone. It's not true that i hated him altho he mite not exactly be my fav lecturer around. But neway the brought home lesson for today clinical session is "ALWAYS REFER TO THE HUTCHISON TEXTBOOK"

Our clinical grp wif BT d only guy after HW checkin blood pressure on Fel

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