Sunday, May 27, 2007

My First Runway Modeling

My feet are calling out for a good reflexology! 2 days in at least 2 inches heels for more than 7 hours and my poor feet badly wants a massage or pamper.

It's 3.17am now but i'm still waiting for my hair to dry..yea..i could use a hairdryer but then i decided to air dry it cuz my hair had undergone enough damaged for the past 2 poor hair..

Neway, to cut long story short, these 2 days i had been working, doing runway modeling and catwalks for designer's wears fr D-Legend and Cactus Boutique at City Square. It's also Elle Graduation Show and all proceeds will be donated to Lion's Club for dem to redistribute to charity centers. For those of u that are not fr Jb, Cactus Boutique is a boutique only found in JB City Square..hehe..For the past 2 days, i had been to Elle Saloon at 1 pm in the afternoon for hair do and make up even though the fashion show starts at 6.30pm or 7.30pm. The whole make up process and hair do don't actuali take 5 hours but we just hv to be there early.

RTM 3 was there on the 1st day as well as Loreal Malaysia president.

Front View

My 1st hair design for the yellow summer dress fr the back..u can't imagine how much hair spray is least half a can!

I started the fashion show ball rolling with my yellow summer dress and to be honest, this is my 1st time in a 4 inch high heel! So, for the past few days, since Wed nite, when i got to know my dress which happens to be all long gowns, but the 1st yellow dress being extremely long hence the need to wore a 4 inch shoe for the 1st walk on top of the more than 8 meter high stage, i almost ended up sleepless and was nervous and was so afraid that i will trip n fall. But luckily that did NOT happen. haha.. Thank God for that.

For that 15 min of hair set, i need an hour to washed it off..Not forgetting shampooing four times n conditioning 'gao-gao' 5 times before i can untangle dat 'mess'..haha..

Oh yea..pic are Fri nite pics..

1st dress by Quevin and i was 1st to walked..i was really nervous then

The guy (Quevin) in white is the designer for all these dress

My 2nd dress ala cheongsam with the designer, Bong next to me

3rd costume..a black kebaya by Iskandar

Final has a bubble skirt end by Chang

Models..after the show

The diamond earrings i wore..heavy!

I love u mummy-kin! Muacks

Ta of my bestie Shir was there to support me! Love her max

Final hair do

Sat night show was better (in fact i felt much much better n relax, not so nervous) because all 3 set of my clothes were casual, more suitable for shopping or hanging out imported from Taiwan, Korea or Japan and i don't hv to wear any 4 inch shoes. I was really glad but both my big toes were hurting at dat time. So bearing with the pain, I had to finish my catwalks. We were only given 2 minutes to change into each set of clothes, so you can imagine how fast we need to undress n dress. Madness. 2nd day pic were took fr 2nd floor so its kinda tiny.

Back stage b4 show starts

The Sat hair do

1st set of clothes..Black ruffled top and grey 3 quarters pant

White ruffled top and lace dress over it with a white handbag..2nd piece of clothes

Final set of clothes..this is kinda dark n n white high waist checkered skirt, lace spaghetti black top with a black vest over it

My dearest dad who came n support me on d 2nd day of show

The hair do is not so exaggerating either but i still need 45 min to washed it off jz now. I like to say a big 'thank you' to mummy dearest for supporting me all d way n coming to watch the show and send me for attire-fitting n rehearsals. Secondly, i like to say thanks to Rosanne, you really surprised me by comin and Shir for comin to gv deir support. I really appreciate their presence.

I would say the 2 days show was a success except that the diamond brooch for my summer dress was lost even b4 the show and a few pairs of diamond earrings that we wore were reported lost by the designers. That got Quevin quite upset. I was upset too. I wonder if it got stolen or it dropped off somewhere. But apart fr dat, I had a good time and certainly fun being able to dress up in different styles and designs. :)

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AIYAH! why i missed out the Show!!! I wished that i could go there to support you girl... but i have to stay at home and be a 'brother' sitter!

oh icic..i wished u were here too but its ok..sori bout not makin it to Hyatt!

MARVELLOUS!!! All your fashion show's picture will kept in my folder....girl, you are doing very well although its your first show, dont get nervous next time....let me know next time, i will be there to support you with all my friends=)
You are gorgeous la...

You are pretty, great and cute=:

Poor thing suffering with high heel shoes. Should put on cream or stocking b4 wear them.

Those gowns designer seems good la..nice gowns~~ Hairstylista also good because your hair looks unique.

thanks thanks :). the heels kills but what to do.. to look pretty on stage hv to 'tahan'. no pain no gain. hahaha