Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Celebrating AP's bday

Hmm..i guess its time for a lil update bout wat i had been doin for d last 3 days..

Since getting back from Langkawi-Penang, i slept till past noon practically every day..hehe..other than dat, i dyed my hair again..BLUE BLACK dis time..its not totally black..under lights, shades of blue can b seen..wee! but one very big minus point is, it don't seem to be able to stay on my hair cz with each wash, the blue black dye will come off little by little n even now, jz 3 days after the dye, i can c shades of brown hair again. *big sigh*..so by 2 weeks time, when the new sem starts, dos of u who c me den mite not even noe i had dyed my hair blue black.

I had also started my movie-series marathon..tryin to finish Ugly Betty this few days but i haven't fin it yet cz ders too many good dramas showing on tv currently..but nehow i'm already at episode 19..so goin to fin it soon till the latest 1 comes out but up to this point, Ugly Betty is one series dat i will recommend others to watch too..

Speaking of movies, i watched Next at Tebrau City jz now with AP n JWO. How would u like to noe wat will b happening to ur life in the next 2 min? hmmm..to me, i guess it can b pretty exciting n boring at the same time..if we can predict all dats happening to us in the next 2 min of our life, life would not b a surprise..but at the same time, it is pretty useful at times to prevent us from getting into certain danger n trouble..i tink Nicholas Cage aged a lot in this movie but his style of acting is still d same..not a very bad movie but i tot Blade of Glory would be better..

After movie, we went to Shogun at somewhere very near Leisure Mall for japanese buffet..for bout RM 44++ per person, u can eat all u wan..there's a wide variety n choices of food ranging fr the normal sushi roll, teppanyaki abalone, scallops, prawns, sake, chickens, beef, shitake, lamb, california rolls and all the ode common jap food dat u can find including sake wine. Any1 wif any plans or intention of dieting, tink twice b4 stepping into dis place. We ate for practically 3 hours before we decide dat we cant stuff in any more food. We were so full in the end dat we gave the ice cream a miss and turn down the fruits n cakes offer. All thanks to bday boy, AP, he gave us a treat. hehe..

JW, Alli, AP at Shogun

Me n Jing Wei had a lot of plans actuali of how we wanted to surprise AP but in the end we realised that all the reataurant we wanted to go close by midnite or b4 midnite so we ended up going to Eden instead. But, alas, our 'surprise' din quite turn out actuali cz he noes we are hiding the cake at JW's fren hse and i guessed he saw me carrying his present when i got into the car earlier. But neway jz wna say 'Happy Birthday' again to among the two oldest ppl in our class, Aik Ping n Vincent! Vincent sounded pretty surprised when the three of us spoke to him on the fon using JW's sis fon. May God bless u both with lots of happiness.


Aik Ping with his blueberry cheesecake n me

a clearer pic..smilez*

this pic is quite blur..but neway me n JW were sticking out our tongue =p

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