Friday, May 18, 2007

Langkawi and Penang Island Trip

Just got home from an almost one week holiday from exploring Langkawi and Penang island. It was our semester break and me and a bunch of coursemates decided to get together for a break up the two famous northern islands. We took the midnight bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis and after almost 6-7 hours of suffering in the cold freezing bus, we arrived there half asleep at about 7.30am. I could barely sleep the whole night in the bus due to the freezing cold it was just too uncomfortable.

Early in the morning at the Kuala Perlis jetty. Look at everyone's sleepy face

On the ferry to Langkawi. The ferry ride was about 1 and the half to 2 hours from Kuala Perlis jetty. Although sleepy, we were equally excited

Upon arrival in Langkawi, we rented a van with PJ as our driver and BS as his map reader. We almost covered the whole island on the 1st day itself. We rented an apartment somewhere in Kuah town and after checking in our luggages and settling for a quick lunch, we started our island exploration for day 1. We drove from one end of the island to another covering Makam Mahsuri (the Mahsuri's Mausoleum) to the cable car ride to the top of Mount Mat Chinchang to the black sand beach and finally back to the night market in Kuah town itself. We bought a whole lot of food from the night market including durians (too tempting too resist) , samosas, chicken kebab, and a lot of other local delights back to our apartment for a party of our own. In the end everyone was so so full, so only BS with his bottomless pit stomach was left to finish everything. :p

We in the van

At the legendary Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Mausoleum), one of the significant site of Langkawi. This mausoleum marks the spot where one of the most legendary figure from one of the many historical fable of the island, the ill-fated fair maiden Mahsuri, who was wrongly accused of adultery some 200 years ago was executed and upon her death, she bled white blood as a symbol of her innocence. With her last breath, she had laid a curse upon the island that the island will remain barren for the next 7 generations. However, now that more than the 7 generations had passed, Langkawi is certainly prospering with tourists especially. The shrine was built in honour to Mahsuri and with the hope that now 7 generations had passed, she could finally rest in peace 

Next, we went up the cable car ride, another must visit in Langkawi. Midway up to the peak, the cable car will stop at it's first station where one can opt to disembark to enjoy the lush surroundings or continue all the way to the peak for the better view straight. Since it was all our first time, we decided to make a stop at the first station which is 652.5m above sea level and enjoyed the midway scenery first before proceeding to the peak 

At the peak, we took a walk around the 410 feet long curved pedestrian bridge located around 2300 ft above sea level to enjoy the magnificent view of the Andaman sea below. The bridge has two triangular platforms where we could stop and rest while enjoying the beautiful view around

At the black sand beach, so name as the sand on this beach are indeed pure black, with the exact reasoning behind the blackened soil not yet ascertained. However, there are a few myths regarding the black sand beach and one of the interesting one includes one that involves the kidnapping of a Chinese princess by a giant eagle name Garuda and when the princess's fiance waged a war against Garuda to seek out his beloved at Langkawi, the remnants of the war are seen as the black sand on the beach

On our 2nd day, we went island hopping. Our first stop was the Dayang Bunting Island popular for its pregnant lady look-alike mountain. There are a lot of monkeys on this island. On this island, we went kayaking and swimming in the saltless lake. The bed of the lake is really deep and we hv to keep swimming to stay afloat. Me and Vern were not on life jackets and by the time we swam back to the beginning of the lake, I believed all my breakfast had been digested. I also tried massaging my feet with catfishes but I cant soak my entire feet in the water as I felt really ticklish the minute the fish whiskers touched my feet. I was laughing like mad already just at the touch of the fish whiskers.

We also went to watch the eagle feeding and to Pulau Beras Basah. As our boat stopped us from a pretty far distance, we could not really saw the eagles feeding but we did saw a few very huge and beautiful eagles. The sand on Pulau Beras Basah is powdery white and the sea blue green but extremely salty! We went on the banana boat (and it was my first time on one!) and it's extremely fun getting thrown into the water! haha.

We are No.1!

Feets anyone?

Shopping wise, I bought a lot of chocolates certainly because chocolates there are duty free and hence, a whole bunch cheaper. Besides, some of these chocs (such as certain Cadbury chocs dat are imported like the triple decker Cadbury, peppermint, pure white chocs etc) can only be found in Langkawi. Liquors and cigarettes are also cheaper there. We had seafood on the last night in Langkawi at some random seafood restaurant. The seafood there is quite cheap. We only ate bout slightly over RM 200 for fish, 2 plates of flower crabs, squids, prawns and vegetables.

Yummylicious chocs

At the hallmark Eagle Square, before leaving for Penang on our last day

We took a ferry to Penang and BS was there to pick us up. In Penang, we stayed in Leisure Cove Resort. We got the apartment for free as Jian Wei’s dad is a member of this holiday club. All the time in Penang, BS and Jian Wei brought us all around the island for food, glorious foods. In the short 3 days we were there, I believed I had put on at least another 3kg..haha.. We were joined by a few more of our Penang friends and they too, were responsible for feeding us with more food so much so we don’t really had a definite time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper in Penang. We had the famous Penang char kuey teow, hokkien mee, lor mee, rojak, kangkung sotong, fried oyster omelettes, cendol, ais kacang, wan tan mee, curry mee, burger nearby BS’s hse, fried porridge (yeap, porridge can be fried) and all the other small small dishes that I cant remember anymore. All I know was me n Vern ate a lot every single time! 

Aside from food comatosing, we also went up Bukit Bendera, Penang’s dam and Batu Feringgi. But on the night we went to Batu Feringgi, it was raining so heavily so we only can shop for dvds. We walked along Gurney drive the 1st night and the whole of Gurney drive is so long we couldn’t even complete our walk..haha. We also went shopping at Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall and Prangin Mall.

Me and Jing Wei took the midnite bus back from Penang to JB finally on Wednesday night. But we missed our bus because we were 5 minutes late and the bus already left.Speaking about how punctual the Malaysia bus had suddenly became. So in the end, we waited another hour for another bus! Argh.. BS was really nice to wait with us even though he was supposed to catch a movie with Vern all.

We can see the entire Penang from the the Penang water dam. A hot hot day

Me, Lou and Vern at Bukit Bendera, Penang

At the restaurant selling fried porridge. Trust me, fried porridge tasted pretty good actually

For the past 6 days, I slept for almost 5 hours only each day and on one of the nights, only 3 hours as me, SS, Jian n Jing Wei were having ‘pillow’ talk..haha..I slept the whole afternoon just now. I really enjoyed myself this whole trip. Langkawi with it's many fabled tales and legend certainly charmed us, more so with it's cheap chocolates and Penang, with it's endless good food constantly keeping our tummy happy. Although I'm pretty deprived of sleep the whole time but we all had a good time together and we managed to understand each other better. I really love this bunch of crazy awesome people. Looking forward to another trip like this again after the next sem. :)

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