Friday, May 11, 2007

Phantom Of The Opera

I'm back after MIA for bout 3 weeks..hehe..The past 2 weeks i had been busy preparin for my exam which ended only on Tues and thus marks d beginning of our 3 weeks break.

For the first time, I'm tempted to try something new so I went to join the Estee Lauder Model Search, hence if im lucky enough i might be selected as the top 100 cover girl in CLEO mag or if im even luckier, i mite walk away with the attractive grand prize and a spread on the cover of CLEO mag as below...hehe. Had a fun time at Mid Val as the profesionals put on make up and did my hair. Then, I did a few photo shoots and they picked the one below at last.

A sample of every model on the spread of the CLEO cover
I also went to watch Andrew Lloyld Webber's Phantom of The Opera which is currently held at the Esplanande in Sg. From the moment you enter the magnificent custom-built theatre, you find yourself in the famed Paris Opera House immediately entranced in the Phantom's world. By incorporating special effects and enhancements made possible today by modern technology into the timeless music and story of Phantom. I was totally awed by the Phantom and wont mind watching it another time or even a few times more.

Our tickets

Me n JW inside the Esplanade

These 2 guys r so sweet.. they comply wif me to wear white..hehe

Me outside the Esplanade after the spectacular performance
To me, it was every cent worthwhile watching..if you think the movie was good, this is 100 times better. So, to all Phantom fans out there, don't miss this great opportunity. Now dat i watched the musical, my next dream is to visit the Opera hse in Paris itself..*grin*.. I cant wait to go watch The King and I or The Sound of Music next..hehe
We had our senior's farewell party organize by the Sch of Med Student Association tonight. Although the number of seniors who made it was pretty disappointing, (fortunately there is still XH n WK, the rest were either back in hometown or doin attachment) but overall it was fun. Dr. Aab showed the sporting side of her other than her usual stern self. The rest of the doctors also truly showed the less stern, serious and sporting side of themselves.

At the exam hall, where the farewell party was held
In another few hours, my result will be out. Time pass so soon. It's already one year i'm in medicine school. The road ahead is definitely tougher. But as Dr. Aab said, "no pain no gain just like in giving birth"
Yay, be goin to Langkawi n Penang tomorrow night. Hope we all can hv a fun fun holi..Looking forward to it. :)

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wow! you look fantabulous! hope you win!! and im so sorry i couldnt meet you as much as i wanted :( but when is the sound of music musical gonna be? Ill love to watch tht!

can u please..give me ur signature..haha..
dun try to forget me o...
u look nice in d sample!!!

woa...u look so sexy in that cleo mag!!envious!!haha...hope to c u soon..n good luck 4 ya model search..hope u win all those prizes..