Saturday, June 09, 2007

Animal Shape Bonsai

While walkin around at Mid Val today, i saw these few bonsai plants that look alike animals at one of the stalls before going up to the cinema. They are all not for sell but small bonsai plants are n to get the bonsai into these animal shapes, the shapin process shd begin since they are young. Pretty interesting i tot so i took down some pics.








World Smallest Bonsai

I had watched Shrek 3 finally! It's a good 1, funny, hilarious and cute. Giants like ogre r not so awful n ugly after all (in shrek at least)..haha..The uncle sitting behind me was laughing so loudly throughout the whole movie.

After the movie, we went for dinner at Gin Ryu Tei. At first we tot World card members are entitle to 10% discount but it turn out dat it is not the world card members but the Gin Ryu Tei card members that are entitle to discounts. They will jz accumulate points for world card members.

Seafood platter set

Sushi ramen set

Agendashi tofu

Ramen set

Dis fat tiger prawn comes together with this ebi ramen, which is super big bowl too. 1st time i cant fin all d ramen. The ramen seems to 'grow' as i eat..hehe

Here is also a pic of the Darrel Lee chocs JW brought back fr aussie. There's assorted flavours such as maple nougat, orange liquor, cappucino, passion fruit, hazelnut, rose flavoured bla bla bla..

salivating? hehe

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