Saturday, June 09, 2007


I'm just pondering over this question for a while here..

Changes occur around us all the time, ppl comprising of ppl attitudes, characters, looks, status, things, places, situations, and the list goes on.

But to me, the scariest change that can occur will be changes in a person's behavior n character or attitude especially dos sudden changes..

Changes does not necessary mean a bad thing, after all I, totally believed that i had change too somehow or another since junior sch to high sch to now. I'm still the same talkative, sometimes blur, loves to day dream, fun lovin but noe when to get serious allison but a more 'improve' version now. If changes are for the better, why not change?

However, the scary change i mean here is changes in a person's behavior, tinking that make them not understandable by us anymore, by me. Changes that are for worse n not better.

This feeling of distances, of not knowing whether they r still who we tink they r, of not understanding their actions anymore, is a terrible feeling to bear especially if this changes occur in ppl whom we noe and the closer they are to me, the more i tot, is it them who had changed or is it me?who is the one that had really changed?

Do they suddenli change cz of certain reasons? stress? situations? pressure? Why? Why? Why?

self-tinking : i noe changes are inevitable, but sometimes i somehow wish that everyone, everything stays static. No change, for the better or the worse.

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hmm... ya ya agree... some times it is scarry leh... my fren went to kl to study all come back change liao... some smoking some drinking... felt very scarry also... but what ever we do jus dont look back... let the past remain the past and accept the fact that today is present.

from jasper kong seng