Saturday, June 23, 2007

Diabetes Mellitus

* WARNING:VIEWERS DISCRETION: The following post contain a pic that mite ruin ur appetite, make u nauseating, feeling gross or even faint. So tink before u read on)

Oh, btw, on Thurs we went to Pudu Specialist Centre for our hosp attachment ( this week was Pudu Specialist Centre, last week was the Hosp Orang Asli (indigenous ppl) in Gombak, we will rotate each week). Dr. Wong, the only specialist there, but very well known to be able to 'save patients leg' especially in diabetic patients brought us around the hosp and gave us briefing about the patients and diabetes cases in Malaysia.

According to Dr. Wong, Malaysia has one of the highest diabetic rate despite lower sugar intake compared to the Caucasians and dos fr the West. The reason being, 4000 yrs ago, the Westerners invented the sugar and we, the Chinese invented the salt. So, due to evolution, ppl in the West now has higher tolerance to high glucose level and its a genetic factor now. Therefore, the West have everything sweet, from chocolates, candies, lollis, cakes, bread, cookies to jam. So, we the Asians could not possibly follow the Westerners diet as it does not suit us and by consuming all dos, our blood glucose level will certainly increase and predispose us to diabetes mellitus.

And to all milo lovers out der, u r gna b disappointed because drinkin milo everyday could lead to diabetes as well. We all tink that milo is nutritional for health etc, it's not a lie but milo has very high dietary sugar content, that is y it is sweet even on it's own. Oat is also a very gd and healthy food but do not b fool by food labels such as 'oatmeal bread'. Oat is gd on its own but when it is mix with bread, the toxicity of the bread increases. So instead we b eating 5% of the goodness and 95% of toxicity. And bread overall can also predispose to diabetes because wheat flour dat is use to make the bread is toxic and a lot of sugar is involve in making the bread. *sad* i kinda love breads, especially the gardenia raisin wholemeal bread.

At the entrance of the Pudu Specialist Centre

One of the acute complications of diabetes is poor blood circulation to parts of the body, the distal part (toes for eg) being the first to suffer from this poor blood supply. So, when there is injury, wound will heal slowly and infection may occur. In severe cases, it can lead to amputation. Poor blood supply also cause poor blood circulation and it can result in gangrene and can also lead to amputation. A diabetic foot is commonly seen in diabetes patient. Often when 1 part of the leg is being affected by the gangrene, for eg the toes, sometimes part of the feet will have to be amputated as well because the infection will not be succumb to jz the toes. It will affect areas surrounding it as well. However, according to Dr.Wong, he will usually try to save as much as the patient's leg as he can (meaning amputating onli the necessary part) so that the patient can recover and for some, can walk again and resume deir usual activities. Below is a pic of a diabetic foot of a patient at the hosp. Seeing it in real is more gruesome but i guess i gotta get immune to it and sometimes it can realli stinks and cause growth of maggots.

The 1st time i saw the diabetic foot, as he unwrapped the dressing, i can feel this 'geli' feeling rising inside me. And it can be a pretty nauseating sight to see especially if u r seeing it for the 1st time. It is still painful for the patient as the doc cleans his wound and blood still flows to the area because of the reddish spots.

Diabetic foot. the black arrow points to the tendon of the leg. Muscles and tissues can be seen. The fourth and fifth toe had been amputated due to gangrene

Finally we went for lunch at this coffee shop somewhere near Jln. Pudu. It is suppose to b very popular for their fried meehon, hor fun n stuff alike but for me, the food totally sucks. The guys tried their beef meehon tho n dey said its very nice but we tried their yeemee hor fun n fried Sg mee hon and all i can say is the food is realli terrible. The amount of salt dey put in deir food surely seems like salt is free, it is so salty and the mees and mee hons felt like noodles that are not well cooked when bite and chew. Besides, it is very expensive, for a plate of the normal horfun for a porpotion of 2, it's RM 15. I dno if this is the standard price for hor fun alike stuff in KL but im sure that back in Jb, if we pay RM 15 for a plate of hor fun like dis, it b very worth it wif prawns and it b so so much nicer than dis. I miss Greenleaf fried rice now. *stomach rumbles a lil*. haha

Dissatisfied look

I end my blog tonite by urging u all, all my frenz, to tink twice or thrice the next time u wna add sugar to ur coffee or tea. Do, do, do decrease takin dietary sugars and sweet food because u dont wna end up a diabetic so soon especially if u hv family history of diabetes. After all, prevention is better than cure, aint it?

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The diabetic foot picture is real or just some plastic display?

It is REAL. This is a foot of a 70 smt yr old patient. And it is very painful.

wei..the foot is so er xin..u still can take photo..and show in d web o..anyway..u have to face it in future too

i take it to show all of u so dat u all noe the severity of diabetes mellitus. Don't play play. I gotta get immune to it also. More gross scenes also i will hv to face in future..lolz..

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

anony : u r welcome. im glad it helps. do let me noe if there's any other info needed ;)