Monday, June 04, 2007

Eye of Msia

Despite the rainy weather 2day n Ey being sick, we still went to Rabbit's Cafe at Sri Petaling to celebrate Ey's n Hsien Wei's birthday. After that, we went to the Eye of Msia, nth much to c der as it was raining so no fireworks or anything, but we got onto the ferris wheel neway and the view wasnt much either. True, we can c the Petronas Twin Tower, KL tower, and the Public Bank building pretty clear, but for the rest of the buildings, dey all seem like blocks with hundred holes of lights..haha. Perhaps if it wasnt raining, den maybe the view will b clearer n its better to walk around.

Bday ger n boy puffing away deir cute,the both of them wore pink (HW's shirt has strip of pink too)

All of us at Rabbit's cafe

Hmm..AP's 'artistic' photo taking skill..haha

KY, SS, me, Sarah n Lou in the gondola

Look at MS..she is so afraid when the gondola even swayed a lil

SS, me, MV n MS at the Eye


It's been great noeing the both of u 4 d past 1 yr..Stay happy owz! =)

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