Saturday, June 02, 2007

Genting with Family

It's drizzling outside now. Cuddle in the warmth of my blanket, i take a look around my room. I still have a bagful of bags n shoes to unpack but yet, i'm too lazy to do it now. I'm jz gna leave it at where it is. Maybe i will unpack 2moro or mayb the day after or mayb when i feel like it..haha

Neway, i jz came back from the saloon. I spent the afternoon having a haircut and rebonded my hair. I initially wanted to cut the two-tier hairstyle but somehow dis new haircut is not the 2 tier 1, in fact it's no tier at all, it is jz layered. The usual kind. Any trace of black that was left in my hair were washed off. Now, my hair is back to the lavender brown color, jz as i told u all, b4 class starts, my hair will no longer b blue black.

The only reason why i'm back to KL so early dis time is only because I went to Genting with my family on the 31st so when they went back to JB yesterday, my dad dropped me off in my hse here. I spent the entire night last nite designing my blog skin but due to power failure twice and a silly cockroach interrupting the peacefulness of my room (im forced to killed it as i saw it crept under my bed, shudder at the tot of it flying or crawling around me when im asleep at nite), i gave up doin the skin. Wat a bother. Jz stick to the plain old simple template provided by blogspot.

Here r some pics i took at Genting wif my family. We reached Genting in the evening dat day.So we did not hv time to go to the outdoor theme park dis time. I attempted to go into the casino for fun but den i was asked for my ic. So no choice but to wait obediently b4 i turn 21..haha. Wanted to watched Shrek 3 but all tickets were sold out. So in the end, me n my bro ended up finishing 3/4 of Prison Break season 2 in the hotel room..haha..The next day, we went for a cable car ride. Wanted to go horse riding at Awana but it was raining by the time we got to Awana so we cant go horse riding either. Before leaving Genting, we had a wonderful n filling lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant. The usual price per person is RM 158 for abalone, goose web, Jap style fish fillet, braised shark's fin, fried rice in lotus leaf, a mini egg tart n fresh almond juice but 4 dat day, we can get it for RM 78++. So, my dad ordered dat package for each of us on top of some dim sums. Only 3 words can described the food - Sumptuous, sumptuous and sumptuous!

The view fr my hotel room..a misty morning

21 roses and a soon turning-21 me!

At the entrance of Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant Forum

Me n my siblings while waiting for the food

Stewed fresh abalone 'Ah yat' style with stewed goose web with seasonal vegetable

Braised shark's fin with shredded abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw

Promoting their bird nest egg tart..haha

This dumpling consists of prawns fried together wif bananas. Juicy!

Some of the dim sums we ordered

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I got back from genting too, hehe and I managed to get in the casino twice! But 3rd time the police asked for IC liao, so cannot k k sneak in, haha! Actually nothing much also lar, just enjoy free Milo lor (your friend here is a cheapskate) haha!

haha..nv been inside so jz curious to noe wat is it like inside..nvm..our legal age for entering casino is comin soon! cheapskate la..i heard some food inside memang cheaper n nicer still!

all food likes delicious....making me hungry now,hehe!Expensive?

hmm well, its 78+ per pax..usual price is 158+..for all d food in the package, still ok..worth it! =p