Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honoring the Most Important Man

The 3rd week of June Sunday and wat does dat sound to u? FATHER'S day of course! I like to use this opportunity to dedicate this post to my beloved and most honored dad, who is ever noble, patient, endurance, dedicated, responsible, charming and always being there for me.

In the past 21 years of my life, i had trouble and disappoint him countless times be it someone i date, splurging too much on shopping, din do well for exams, or anything at all, all the countless nonsensical antics that i had done, he is always patient with me and at the end of the day, i noe i can count on him to give me his fullest support and he would do anything at all in this world to protect me and keep me happy. Thanks for driving me up n down since primary sch, for draggin me out of bed in kindergarden, for allowing me to drive ur car after i got my licence, and a lot of ode things dat are too much too mention.

A lot of times,we tend to 'neglect' our dad a lil more because for one, they are on the masculine side, so they are assume to be ever strong, sturdy and not as vulnerable and easily break down as gers, but in fact, our dad, the king n Prophet of the family is vulnerable too. So, if u had not shown concern for ur dad in a long time, start doing so now cz it is never too late. Altho i cant b back home in Jb celebratin wif my dad, i still wna say dad, Happy Father's Day (tho i said it over the fon and internet and sms..hehe)


U r the coolest man that rocks my world!

Youth d one 5th from left (black top, white skirt)..the song we dedicated to all wonderful dads

After church service ended, me and MS went to Mid Val instead of Times Square. It's the mega sales now so more shoppin again.. Tinkin bout it, next time we are in Terengganu, we cant go shoppin as we like every weekend anymore. I also met up with Thomas at Mid Val. He is here in KL cz of the medical exhibition he is handling. Neway we both tried the choco fondue opposite the Gelato ice cream stall and i tink its the nicer than the one at the lower ground floor. As the dark chocolate melts in the mouth, u cant help but feel an extra gush of serotonin..hahaha..(im tryin to b scientific here..ahem =p )

Me n Thomas wif our strawberries n marshmallows fondue..chocolicious!

Me n Ms both love dis skirt from XOXO

Neway its also CY's 21st birthday 2day (since its dy past midnite). I had not seen her for the past 1 year. 1 whole year since she went UK. I miss u lots CHIMPANZEE ONION. I just wish we could sit at Coffee Bean or Starbucks or somewhere and talk bout everythin n anythin under the sun! I noe u will b havin a great time celebratin u birthday and i just wished i could be der n b part of it. Once again, stay charming and attractive babe! love u n may our frenship last for a long, long, long, long time! hope to c u soon..


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2 fondue dips :

hey, thanks for ur bday pressie. love it soso much..

when are u coming back? not so soon? well, when i go up kl will u be free enough to meet me? haha :) i think i ll follow Shirlyn if i m still around. lol :)

cant wait to catch up with u again..

glad u love it =)..i b back not so soon..n by the time im back, u r most prob back in uk..ah..good good..tell me when u long as it is not a thurs, it shd b fine..haha..have fun :)