Sunday, June 10, 2007

Plastic Surgery, Yay or Nay?

I had just finished watching '200 pounds of beauty'. If you think this is another typical Korean movie, think again. If you feel like having a laugh and a cry at the same time, then I strongly recommend this movie. It's a story about a very fat and ugly girl with a great talent to sing. However, due to her not-so-appealing appearance, she is hire to lip sync for a popular Korean singer with a pretty face but whom voice is not as good as hers. But, when she was insulted in front of the man she loves, she decided to go for plastic surgery from head to toe and became really pretty. However, she soon realized that she is losing herself, her friends and her dad. I was really touched at the part she did her confession of who she was.

Anyways, plastic surgery for beauty purposes is a very common thing these days. It's a rising trend in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and many other countries including Malaysia. Question is, why are more and more people, especially young girls, willing to fork out so much money and take the risk to go under the knife? And why are more and more parents encouraging their daughters to go for plastic surgery, be it to get eyes like Rachel Weisz, nose like Halle Berry, lips like Angelina Jolie, face shape like Kate Moss, body like Scarlett Johansson, thighs n legs like Jessica Simpson, butt like Beyonce and the list goes on. In fact, plastic surgery is a very common thing among celebrities, models, singers and even participants of beauty pagents in this era. From liposuction, botox to a boob and nose job, the ultimate goal of these women is the hope that they will look prettier, sexier n hotter than the rest.

Whatever happens to natural beauty? So what if your eyes is line-thin whenever you smile, your nose is a little too blunt, your lips are too thin, your boobs too small, you have carrot legs, your butt is too flabby and the list of other complains we heard from women all around the globe. Does that define you less of who you are? Does that makes you less appealing and pretty than the other women out there?

It is not wrong that women are vain in nature and all women want to look pretty. It is not wrong that women go on diet (to a healthy extend of course), hit the gym and do all they can to maintain fit, but does it really mean only stick thin women are beautiful? Of course not right! But to what extend are u willing to pay just to look 'pretty? Being pretty and beautiful is is also about attitude. In my opinion, it is about how you carry yourself, your confidence, your inner beauty in short is what makes you a really beautiful person and stands out from the rest.

And for us, those that are blessed enough to be born with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, in short normal, are already lucky individuals so we should not allow outselves to be demoralized and lose confidence just because we think we lack of certain sharp features in our body. 

Seriously, who are the real culprits that drive women all around the globe to even tink of going under the knife and do such drastic changes to themselves in the name of wanting to look good? Men, the society, the public! The constant criticism, comments and evaluations people made on our appearance is driving more and more woemen to become more conscious about how they look and therefore, never satisfy with how they look and in desperate measures, plastic surgery. After all, with more and more TV programmes such as Nip/Tuck, Extreme Makeover, and The Swan, it makes plastic surgery looks like it is the divine solution to all people who tinks they are ugly. But people, dont forget there are also failures, operative and anaesthetic risks involve and plastic surgery is certainly not the only solution for attractiveness. 

If you really have the money and willing to take all the risks just to do plastic surgery which will definitely result in drastic changes to your appearance, but in return boost your confidence, then by all means, that's your choice. But external beauty is only temporary and I just think we should not get too carried away chasing external beauty. After all, those who really loves us will not mind how we look on the outside. And all the glamour and fame you might get from the beauty is also temporary.  If a beauty queen has to do plastic surgery to win the title, she might fool the world but she can't fool herself.

We all will grow white n old someday, no matter how much preventive measures one take, it will happen naturally. Outer beauty will fade, but the inner beauty is the one that will last us forever. So do not just chase to look beautiful and gorgeous on the outside and neglect the inner self. Inner beauty is even more important. So all pretty women out there, hold ur head high, flash that charming smile, walk with confidence and you are good enough to turn the head of a room filled with guys!

Hanna before and after plastic surgery

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Just got me wondering how carrot cake legs look like... HAHA...

u are rite, ger r looking for solution to become prettier and sexier is because of man. and not forgetting their own mentality. now a days with the rising of tv dramas from korea japan hk taiwan with handsome charming and beauties in the dramas really makes those teenagers envy and desparate to be like them.

haha..imagine!!!! shape of carrots! pretty shines fr the heart, aint it? *winkz*

WEI!!! Carrot CAKE leh!! not carrot hor! HAHA!! Somemore you talking bout the angmoh carrot cake or the pasar malam carrot cake? Different patterns you know?? Hehehe....

hahaha..oops..i mean carrots seriously..not carrot cakes!

thumbs up for your blog,allison...keep it up!!

Your english is powerful~~^.^

anonymous: i dno who u r, but surely thanks for the glad u enjoy readin my blog..i will try keep up the good word! =) btw, will u mind lettin me noe who u r?u can email me ur identity if u like to kp it anonymous here..hehe..=)