Monday, June 11, 2007

St John Sing-Ma Competition

Yesterday I went to watched the 26th First Aid n Home Nursing Competition between Singapore and Malaysia at the KL Badminton Stadium in Cheras.

I went wif Roy and met up wif my bro n AP der. I also met Vincent, Perba, Wee Tak, Stephanie and Nasir, ppl whom i had not seen for a very very long time (except for my bro n AP) since i left Convent in form 5. After i left Convent, i was basically inactive in St. John activities n competitions. I onli went to watch the area comp when i was in form 6 but not the state, national nor sing-ma.

Perba still remembers me and as we chat, i kept tinking bout dos time i was in the competition too, the training, the hard physical drilling, the emotional maturation we went thru and all my beloved team members. I still remember vividly dat we were the 1st batch to be trained by Perba and how happy we were to get jz a silver medal at the national level. But nowadays, we even dare dream of winning sing-ma. How diff had things change!

Neway Msia won for the Ambulance category. We beat Sg flat in all categories of events (marching, long case, short case). Ambulance Adult n Ambulance Cadet really did our nation proud. And i'm so proud of the ambulance cadet victory also, partly because dey are fr Johor, (Johor Bahru to b exact..hehe), but mostly cz they were trained by Perba, the same man who had taught me so many 1st aid skills wif full dedication. But, Singapore won overall for the nursing category.

Opening ceremony

Some of the first aid, marching and home nursing scene

Champion trophies

No. 2 forever!!!!

Once a Convent, always a Convent..ex-seniors n juniors of Convent

Mr. Perba and me..i will nv forget him..He had taught me much and not just first aid skills. Without him, perhaps we wont b able to win the silver medal for short case at national n breeze thru state level so easily

This 'uncle' looks quite smart in St. John uniform oso..hahahaha

Team Malaysia..All for ONE, one for ALL

After the competition ended, me, Roy, my bro n his friends, went to Times Square for lunch and shopping. Yea, shopping again..haha..Thanks Roy for the dog.

Roy, me and my bro at Mr.Ramen at Times Square

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