Sunday, June 24, 2007

When MNG has 50%

It is the 3rd day of MNG storewide sales. And wat happen when MNG has sales? It is no longer Mango. It will be 'Move N Grab', because ppl seems to b grabbing everything as they move along the whole store as if once MNG puts a 50%, its equivalent to free. I kinda like clothes fr MNG also but usually i wont buy stuffs fr der ode den when its on sales or i realli cant resist because MNG has sales every once in a while neway and when dey have sales, they reali slashed the price for the exact same item.

Gers, ladies , women, coming in groups of frenz, wif family, boyfrens and husbands will flock n crowd the whole shop and start choosing, grabbing, trying watever that the store have to offer. Basically all the tops, bottoms, dresses, bags are on discounts. The whole shop is so packed with people it felt as tho we were shoppin in a nite market. Me and MS actuali spent almost 3 hours just shoppin in MNG alone. And MNG Mid Val is not to say exactly very huge. But clothes were dump in big piles and we have to search thru those huge piles of clothes to c if we chance upon anythin that suits us. Besides the queue to the fitting room itself was so long and if u happen to not take the right sizes for ur clothes, u can almost go bang the walls because u will hv to queue all over again. And i actually queued thrice n MS, mayb 5 times. haha. I din wna queue actually, jz tot of wearin it over me but den i wanted to buy tubes and skirts so i got no choice! I never seen any ode labels that have such maddening crowd everytime dey have sales. Be it MNG in KL, JB or SG (i dno bout ode place), as long as ders sales, especially like dis kinda sales, it will be 'people mountain people sea'~. It's really a sight.

Almost every minute, there will be people walking in n out of the store

Choose, choose, choose

See...clothes are just thrown into piles like dis, all jumble up

More piles of clothes

So, after 3 hours of being stuck in MNG, i finally bought dis black n white strip tube and khaki color skirt. Had a hard time looking for size oso.

The tube top fr MNG and the green tee fr Zara

The grey-pink skirt is fr XOXO and the MNG skirt

I saw this sunglass fr Dorothy Perkins that i quite like also but i have to control myself fr buying it. Cant spend money too much like dat! Not this month anyway. After that, me n MS went to try sm dresses fr Dorothy Perkins and Urban n Co. I find Urban n Co dresses pretty sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Not to mention, they are not so complicating and suits ppl of my age, wont look too mature in it.

This silver, glittery, fully sequined dress is fr D.P..Look kinda like a disco ball..lolz

All the latest dresses fr Urban n Co.....

Pink, flowery summer dress

Simple and sweet at the same time

Elegant can be wore as a tube

or a halter..MS realli love this dress

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oh our dear take photo queen..
at there also can take photo o..
all dress u wear is nice+pretty..
haha..but i dun think no one saw u take photo..haha

why must "almost" go bang the wall leh? just go bang lah, and make sure u bang hard enough, hahaha!

cz if u tink bout how ur head is gna hurt, u mite tink twice! hahaha

eh...i love the black urban &co nice..damm elegant and sexy lo..oh the black n white tube as well

hope to c u soon..take care

Eh,how come can try so many dress one time de ar..u stay in changing room so long the MNG ppl never make noise meh?lol...btw the white dress n the black tube dress is nice=)


haha..d dresses are fr Urban n Co not MNG. If MNG, im sure dey will make noise dy wif so many ppl queuing up behind..haha..neway thx thx..i love the dresses!

Mm...-if you slim down a would be brighter,blek!! Is it another fashion show?

=(..i will try hard to diet..haha..nope..dis is not a fashion show.