Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Almighty King of Fruits

It's Friday again. My fav day of the week. =) After a whole week of vulvitis, vaginalis, endometriosis, adenomyosis, leiomyomas, serous tumour, mucinous tumor, thecoma-fibroma, prostatitis, STD diseases and all the ode disorders of the female reproductive system except the breast and during pregnancy (which will be out in next week assessment) 'accompanying' me throughout the week, i can finally relax today squeezing in time for exercise, heading the gym and a game or two of badminton wif Dr.Mk n Dr. Nelson.. Besides, Lou n Kr cooked dinner for us tonite (how blessed..haha) . We also watched a romantic comedy, 'When Harry Met Sally', a 1989 film. The most priceless part of the movie will hv to be the scene where Meg Ryan who plays Sally demonstrated a fake orgasm at a deli in front of all the ode diners (but fully clothed of course) to prove her point that men cant tell the difference between a fake n real orgasm of women. Besides the soundtrack, 'Lets call the whole thing off' by Louis Armstrong is such a cute song. Here's a video clip of the song..i fl so happy jz listening to dis song..haha

Coincidentally also this week, many of us went to class in similar tops. On Mon, me and MV wore the exact same top we both bought fr Padini tinkin that the other will not wear it that day. Lou and EY also wore similar maroon color and BS and PJ wore similar blue. On Wed, me, HF n SK (we r all in the same pbl grp) wore pink! Call it pure coincidence.. haha

The maroon, red stripe and blue couple

Telepathies on our top..hehe

Sweet pinkies

Neway, after our hosp attachment at Gombak on Thurs, we wanted to go to Dr. Zab's bro durian orchard for durian fest. Durian, the king of fruit, its either u love it or u hate it. 4me, i jz love it. But after half an hour of searching, we finally gave up and went for lunch somewhere else instead. Nehow, Kumar finally managed to find the place and they got their durian fest,but they brought back durians for us also. So after class, Vincent, Wenn, Lou and AP came over to my place for durians! hehe..But sad to say, the durians were pretty disappointing dat day. After the high anticipation, the durians was quite a disappointment because we couldnt find a real good one. Out of all the almost 10 durians we opened, we can hardly find 1 dat will jz gv the 'omph'. haha..

The official durian 'opener' of the day

Shells and seeds of durians we opened

Durian lovers

For all that loves durians, durians can be eaten deliciously just on its own. Durian fruits are also used to flavor a wide variety of sweet edibles such as cakes, dodol, milkshakes, ice creams, puffs, cookies, candies, glutinous rice and even cappucinos! Some derivatives of the king fruit :

A durian-flavored Yule log

Durian candies

Durian muffins!

Just like 'pisang goreng' or 'cempedak goreng', ders also 'durian goreng'

Durian puffs..look at the durian filling oozing out of the puffs..yummy

Ice cream wif durian flavor

Long live DURIANS! muacksss.. :)

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