Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Food and Good Time

It was Kien Yip’s birthday yesterday and he is onli 20 dis jealous..hahaha..kidding. Planned to gv him a surprise actuali, but well, it turn out, the surprised wasn’t a surprised in d end. Ha! It’s good to be still a ‘kid’, not reaching the official adult age. We met up at KFC in Mid Val. I tried their new black pepper chicken chop and it is not smt I reali like. The black pepper sauce is jz mediocre and the soup tasted diluted. Besides, they used original chicken and not the spicy chicken.

Birthday boy and me

Ed 'bullying' KY

'I'm so pitiful..birthday oso kena bully...' haha

After Mid Val, me, Kat, Lou and BS went to 1 Utama and despite me saying not goin to shop, I still bought a pair of high heels from Theme (because its reali worth d price). I also bought these alphabets magnet. After buying, I was wondering y I even bought dos alphabets dat spelt ‘ALLI’. Why do I waste money buying something dat cant be use, I guess it must be because part of me when I saw things dat r cute or funky, I cant help wanting to buy dem.

They can be photo holder, but i guess i don hv 2 waste money to buy these actually

Blue and pink Stitch

Pain pain, 'lame, lazy, lecherous, lustful and LOVELY' Louis! ( actuali he is non of d adjectives above.. he is a nice guy)

There’s also an Osim fair going on at 1 U now. So, we took the opportunity to try out some of the Osim products, which include the ‘U-papa’, imedic massage chair and the all new Upilot Designer Massage Chair dat rhythmically drums and kneads our aches away. We felt so comfortable sitting der and allows dos machine to massage us, especially after a whole day of walking. Nothing beats a good massage. Hehe. Felt rejuvenated and refreshed after that.

Enjoying the massage

There's also this grab-as-much-cash-as-you-can thingy going on as long as you purchased more than RM 50 dat day. BS in action!

No cash..only Osim vouchers..not enuf to buy anything from Osim also

Anyway, I was really happy because we went to The Curve for dinner and had Sakae Sushi and Big Apple Donuts *grin*. Thanks to Kat, Lou and BS who went with me. Love these ppl. Hehe..Sometimes, I jz had dis super craving for certain food and all week, day in day out, night in night out, I’ll be thinking and thinking of dat particular food or the place where the food is sold. Not like I had to satisfy my cravings each time, because sometimes what I craved for is food back home or somewhere far away. But whenever possible, I will try to satisfy the crave calls of mine. For the whole of last week, I had been wanting to go for sushi and this time, I craves for Sakae cz I nv been der for one (one may wonder how can I craves for smt I nv tried, but dats me), and for two, I heard dey hv good sushis among all the other conveyor belt sushis. And the verdict…. Yes, the sushis are definitely worth us going all the way der =). Besides, the combination of cheese in sushis suits my appetite very well, me a cheese lover. The price range is not dat expensive and they have several varieties of sushis such as the volcano kimchi maki, premium crepe soft shell crab maki, salmon cheese tofu (my fav), bibimba chicken, salmon cheese maki and their chawanmushi is the best of the lot. It is also very convenient for us to take order as all we need to do is order thru the LCD screen dat is directly connected to the kitchen.

Me and Kat taking order by clicking the items on the LCD screen

Salmon cheese tofu

Hana maki..rice wrap wif sashimi and cream cheese on top

Unagi maki

Salmon cheese maki

The new volcano kimchi maki, sliced beef in the middle and kimchi on top

Kani salad

Premium soft shell crab crepe

Tempura cheese maki

Bibimba chicken..sweet and sour admix reali opens up ur appetite

Tori chawanmushi..the best of the lot
Since we are in The Curve, how can we miss out on the Big Apple Donuts? (after looking at all dos blogs and hearing fr Kr). Since it is our 1st time der, I asked for recommendations and we bought the 6 recommended by the staff der,
1. The Signature original doughnut
2. Oreo Doughnut
3. Witnut (Peanut Butter with Nuts)
4. Californian Almond (Almonds with White Chocolate)
5. Bananarama (Chocolate mix Banana)
6. Mango Tango (cant reali rmb all deir names, paise)

Seriously, all 6 tastes superbly delicious they make Dunkin looks like grade C donuts. They are soft, they are not-too-sweet, they are fresh, they are fluffy, they melt in the mouth and im sure they will be everyone’s fav. Besides, I find the Chocoholics pretty good too. They make the chocolate icing of Dunkin taste hard. They also have a few other flavors such as the durian, green tea and chocolate-mix-with-coffee, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. I’m in love wif these donuts already. Excellent stuff. A must try if u haven’t tried. Besides, their pricing is lovely too. It only cost RM 2 per doughnut (same as Dunkin) and RM 9.50 for half a dozen and RM 17.90 for a dozen.
So after finishing sushis and 6 doughnuts, such as Lou said, he felt he is 3 months pregnant in an hour. Haha. If onli we had 10 minutes more, then we could compliment our stomach further with Ikea ice creams and curry puffs. We bought 3 boxes back home for the rest of dem to try.

The 6 recommended..Californian Almond, Witnut, Bananarama, Oreo, Mango Tango and the original

Fresh chocolate toppings..a few more variety

Blueberry, chococinno, vanilla frost and duren duren (durian)
The power of food! It certainly makes missing our afternoon nap and the almost 45 min lrt ride worth it! It was a well spent Sat. ;)

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