Monday, July 02, 2007

Home for The Weekend

I was back home in JB for the weekend. Reali glad that i went home because there's no place like home. I love to see my parents again, my bro n my sis. Even with the increasing crime rates and all d crap happening in JB, with tremendous increase in robbery, rapes and snatch thieves, it is still the best place to b for me. I love to live in this notorious, fast-developing, extremely-close-to Sg city.

Neway, MS followed me back home this time. It was also her 1st trip to JB. Where do u bring ur friends to in JB? hmm..i was thinking real hard on that at times. But anyhow, Me, AP, and JW brought MS to Danga Bay after breakfast. (Danga Bay is supposedly a 'tourist' spot after all in JB and it cost RM 300 smt for a 3 day trip to Danga Bay and dinner on the ship) After dat, me n her went to CS where i met up with Shir, SY, Tong, Wen, Yen Lin, and Felicia for Transformers. By the way Transformers is a super duper cool n fantastic movie. I'm totally in love with the movie. Altho it is not exactly as the original characters, but i simply love deir actions which was so 'chio' and exciting and it was quite a funny movie oso. There's no time to fall a sleep, get bored or even go to the toilet. It definitely deserves a 10 out of 10. Gosh, im so in love with Transformers now..haha..After the movie, we did samore catching up at Secret Recipe and it was good to c dem again, some which i had not seen for almost 2 yrs. We did not go out at nite for safety reason cz it is not exactly safe to go out at nite now. Better safe den sorry. The next day, we went to Tebrau City n we saw this white handbag fr Dorothy Perkins that is really cheap, (it is realli cheap!) and so, we bought it. I wonder how many items i have in common with MS now..haha

MS and me at Danga Bay

Gers gathering

After so much of food at Secret Recipe

Hats? at Topshop

Neway, how can we forget bout food. After all, we live to eat..haha. The 1st day AP brought us for breakfast at Jln. Storey. Then we went for ais kacang oppo San Low. I brought MS together with SY and Shir for wan tan mee in Century Garden for lunch. To me, dat is the best wan tan mee i ever eaten dy. The other stall below was also very good. Watever it is, this 2 stall wan tan mees is anytime better den any stall in KL dat i had eaten from and even Penang one cant beat dem! haha ( u may protest and roll ur eyes n say No, i tasted better, but as i say its the best for ME..haha ). At nite, dad brought us to Sing Kee for their popular curry fish head which was featured in one of the Sg food programme before, Yummy King, if u all can still rmb. Next morning breakfast, JW was the one dat brought us to Pelangi Indah and before we left, my dad brought us for clear bak kut teh (konnonya ders black bak kut teh n clear bak kut teh). =p. As for the rating of the food, ask MS..haha.. There's reali a lot more to eat but i guess in 2 days, dats all we can stuff in.

Pretty tired now dat im home in KL from travelling up n down but it was reali good goin home, furthermore wif MS. Hope u had a gd time k, MS dear. =)

MS says she nv eaten or seen otak in dis form b4!

Ais kacang

The 'clear' bak kut teh

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