Saturday, July 07, 2007

In Taiping at the Moment

I'm in Taiping for the weekend, to be exact im in MS's hse rite now.hehe.. After assessment, i followed MS back home. It was a 3 hour ride fr KL to Taiping. We went for dinner with her parents at this restaurant called Soon Lee jz now, n deir Indonesia curry prawn is yummy yummy. However, the fried veg wif salted fish is as tho eating salts directly, way to salty for my tastebud.

Neway this whole week, we been trying to fin our msia studies project n fortunately we managed to fin it in time n handed it up today but whether we did it correctly or not is another story altogether.

The juniors also came in on Mon n we had a brief 2 hours session wif dem on Tuesday. They played mainly ice breaking games dat day. Pics will be uploaded once i get dem k..neway der r bout 56 or 57 of den dis yr..slightly more den when we first started.

Well, will blog bout my trip to Taiping when im back..till den, hv a lovely weekend ppl!

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what not excited at all? haha... not excited that i am coming? haha... ok lo... dont want fren with you liao haha

not at all..after all..haha..yalo..not excited wif u of course not..