Sunday, July 15, 2007

The King and I

Spent my Sunday afternoon watching 'The King and I' at Istana Budaya today. Despite the heavy rain, me, Kr, Vern, JW, AP n HW still made it der in time. Time pass reali fast. Jz bout a month ago we were anticipating the play and here we today watching the play on the 3rd day it started..haha. The play was good altho sometimes the King speech wasn't so clear. I like the song 'Getting to Know You' most. Here's a version of the song by Julie Andrews.

And this song too, 'Shall we dance'..simply love both of dis songs *grin grin*

For more information on the play, u all can log on to . Tickets for the upper ring are on 40% discounts now and if u buy 10 tickets, u will get 1 free. come we din get this offer when we bought our tickets.

The background is knitted

Istana budaya..entrance

We went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner. It's been quite a while since i last went to Manhattan and their serving portions had been resize to fit all dos on diet. The portion for the fish and chips and seafood platter had became so much smaller compared to last time when i 1st had it in Tebrau City. I wonder if it had been changed long ago jz without me realising it n only noticed today cz i was too hungry. But, after dinner, we left the restaurant feeling half-fulled onli. Jeez..

Seafood platter

Shrunken fish and chips

Smiling before the food came

And we can still smile after dat..not bad..haha

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