Monday, July 30, 2007

Kuria's 21st Birthday

It's Kuria's birthday today. Let me start with tonite dinner. We had dinner at Jing Wei's hse today. For the 1st time, the guys are the one fully in charge of preparing dinner, right from the preparation, cooking, decorating, setting up the table till the washing and cleaning up. A good chance for them to had a taste of how tiring it is for their mums to cook dem meals for the past 20 or 21 years of deir life and to prove that guys in our class can indeed cook :p. Jing Wei, Beng Siang, Louis, Jian Wei, Henry and JW's hsemate, Edmund prepared a very good dinner for us, the girls (me, Kr, HF n Kat). They whip up a meal of spaghetti wif ham, prawn and white wine sauce, black pepper cheese chicken, fish fillet, mash potatoes, mushroom soup and even deserts. U guys can be very proud of urself tonite and we gers are very touched by the effort u guys put in. On a scale of 10, u guys deserved full marks tonite *wink*. So since we realised that u guys can cook so well, next time u guys will cook more meals for us ok? hehe..

The great chefs busy preparing dinner :

Lou and Edmund preparing mash potatoes

BS frying the chicken

Jing Wei stirring the mushroom soup. It's been quite long since i last had such original mushroom soup. Wonderful

Black pepper cheese chicken. Reali delicious

Fried fish fillet with i dno wat sauce but it is delicious too

Mash potato..a big bowl of it

Ham, prawn and white wine sauce for the spaghetti

The spaghetti

BS shredding cheese on the spot onto the spaghetti

Melted cocoa chocolate for deserts

This is wat dey call 'Perfume', a fusion of chocolate, milk and lychee..not too bad

This is another desert wif a cake inside and loads of cream on top. Sweet

Chefs of the day

Yea..tho the guys love to bully us most of the time, but they are reali nice guys

Meanwhile, we went to Chillis for dinner last nite. The place was packed as usual and we waited bout half an hour for a place but at last we got quite a nice place for a table of 10. We oso had a good time der and we sort of pre-celebrate Kuria's birthday der. The helpings are still very large and the staff are pretty frenly and cooperative in helping us to plan our birthday surprise cake for Kr.

Fisherman's Fish Fillet

Chicken Fajitas

Beef burger..can compete wif TGIF World Most Famous Burger..hehe

Lamb Shank


Chicken Crispers

The tall and mighty pie..vanilla ice cream on top and a layer of oreo at the bottom wif chocolate toppings

Molten Chocolate Cake..look at the chocolates..warm layer of brownies at the bottom and vanilla ice cream on top

Kuria and her 1st cake

Everyone at Chillis

We all left Chillis feeling very full and satisfied. We had 5 refills of the bottomless chips and i refilled my drinks thrice. Some of us more than 5 times so we were almost burst with food. haha. The food is overall good.

We took this video after finishing our meal at Chillis, toasting before going off and Kr share some of her birthday speech..hehe

Anyways, we initially planned to act as though we all dont intend to celeb Kr's birthday wif her anymore but den change to plan B instead. However, i tink the surprise didnt quite turn out. :( We need to practice more giving surprises.. haha

The guys trying to lit 'Happy Birthday' in front of Kr's hse

A big 21 donut cake. All donuts fr Big Apple Donuts. oolala

Kr being her cute n happy self

We with the bday ger in her hse

Anyway HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KURIA DEAR. Here's a short dedication for u,

Dearest Kuria aka Ms.Sexy aka Ms 007,

I know i had said dis umpteen times but im still gna say it, its been great knowing you for the past one year. Kuria is a very funny, bubbly, and talkative girl. Not forgetting she is also a very smart ger but yet humble because she always claim dat she is stupid which is the total opposite. Kuria is also a very cute ger, inside out, a cute appearance and a cute personality. She sits beside me in class and makes class more interesting and less boring for me cz of her company thru classes such as behavioral science. Kuria also loves cheese alot and spongebob like me. hehe. She loves laughing elmo too and had attempted his actions for more than 3 times at least for the past 24 hour..haha. We can crap bout almost everything and talking to her is reali comfortable because we can talk bout anything under the sun, and she is a good listener. She can also be crazy at times and mostly we will go crazy together wif HF n Jing Wei dey all. Now dat u r 21, must act more lady-like. =p..kiddin..just stay as u r comfortable in cz dats wat makes u. Hope that u continue to shine in Christ and may we b able to go thru the thick and thin of medicine together and overcome the hurdles that stand in our way successfully. May we be frenz for the lightyears to come and our frenship grow stronger and u will always be my 007! Muacks

Lotsa love,

Oh by the way tho u had change numerous "husbands" for the past 1 yr, i believe u still love Lee Hom the most. So here is my wedding gift to u n Lee Hom, ur weddin pic, bet u never c it b4 oso..hehehe :p

'Riaria' and her 'Homhom'

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