Sunday, July 15, 2007

SK's birthday party

It's Sk birthday today! The girl with the yellow car. haha.. We went to her hse for her birthday party in Puchong and I had a great time there. Thanks for the party darling. I think it's also the first time I saw her in a dress. So pretty. Her brother and his friends also put up this fantastic chinese yoyo performance. After watching, it just made us feel like taking up chinese yoyo immediately. So marvellous and excellent the way they demonstrated their yoyo skills. (btw, pls selectively b deaf to our conversations..hehe..jz look at how gd r d guys r wif deir yoyos)

Neway, after the cake cutting session, we went to SK's room and out of boredom, we started cam-whoring..haha..We could set up a posers club =p

Tension cz of extensive studyin or pre-exam syndrome?

Posers =p

We will, we will rock U!

Attempting Stoning

In Sk's room

Sk the bday ger, 4th fr left

The whole group

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