Sunday, July 08, 2007

Taiping for the Weekend

I was in Taiping, the pensioner's paradise this whole weekend. Taiping is a small town, but peaceful comparatively to JB n KL. There's reali a lot more greenery in that town and despite its popularity for rain, it did not rain on Fri and Sat while i was there. We reached KL at bout 6 smt dis evening after almost 4 n half hour due to heavy rain and jam.

This tree is over a 100 yrs old n can only be found in Taiping...look how the branches are bent forward towards the lake

Neway, Sat mon after breakfast of dim sum (the siew mai is realli very delicious) we went to the popular Taiping Lake Garden.There were some events goin on der dat day, so the whole place seems quite lively. This is one of the 1st man made lake in Msia by the British and the whole garden is indeed quite huge. Oh, n not forgetting monkeys. Monkeys are found everywhere in dis town and dey r smart monkeys too!

Some part of the Lake Garden

The man made lake!

And lotus grows naturally on this lake

We went to have bake potatoes for lunch b4 goin up Maxwell hill. It takes bout half an hour to get to 3/4 of the hill mayb by jeep. The road is very winding and a car sick fella will throw up by the time u reach the top. Why i say 3/4 is because the jeep left us at a spot and den left n ders still a long way to go n rite at the top ders the Telekom station but we din managed to get to der. Theres a few chalets der and i wonder if any 1 of dem was Sir George Maxwell hse. The atmosphere up der is pretty cooling but not cold. It's suppose to be cold but maybe due to development, its gettin warmer there. And due to hazy weather, we cant reali see the whole of Taiping fr the top.

Still a long way to go

At Maxwell Hill

At the foot of the hill, there's this public swimming pool that is rumoured to be haunted cz it is onli chest height at most for me and ppl can still drown in the pool and many such drowning cases occur b4. Besides, it is a very dirty pool. Look at the water. It seems so black and its also rumoured that ppl come here to hv sex in the pool! How true? I don't know!

Coronation pool

MS, me n her sis also went to the Night Safari in Taiping Zoo. Actuali the zoo is reali not bad with a lot of variety of animals such as red kangaroo, australia ducks n swans, white rhinos, n a lot more. But its dark n we cant reali see alot of the animals, most of dem are sleeping. Only some like the deers are busy eating..haha

The reindeers. The only one dat can b captured clearly by the camera

And of course, went to try Taiping bak kut teh oso which has more herbs taste. But overall, i had a gd time in Taiping, all thx to MS and had good food for very cheap price..haha.. Despite her being sick and knowing she hate the ride up Maxwell hill, she still took me there. Thank u dear. Its a gd place 2 go if u wna get away fr the concrete jungle once in a while. A retreat dats relaxing and a gd environment where u can rejuvenate.

Indonesia curry prawn..yummy

They call dis '5 Happiness'..haha..assorted varieties in a plate

Baked potato wif ham n cheese

Baked potato wif egg mayo


Taiping's bak kut teh

With MS's parent. Thank you for the hospitality! :)

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