Friday, August 03, 2007

Captain Ball

This is a belated post of the Captain Ball match we had last Sat. There are the 3 teams competing, the Black, Red and White. It is quite an aggressive game with some of us sustaining minor injuries while KY's shirt got pulled torn. While my team, the Black team got 3rd place (yea, i admit we need more exercise n practice =p ) but i had a good time dat morning and in the end, i believe everyone enjoyed themselves throughout the game. :)

The Black Team

White Team

Red team

Black team planning their game strategies

Red team was also planning...

N the match begins..Black vs White

Red vs White

Practicing during half time

Aiyooo..miss the shot

The keeper trying to catch hold of the ball

KY's poor shirt. 1st time wore n torn already

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3 fondue dips :

Hey, of course the black team lost. U were on it. hahaha

Teo you jin!!!!!!! dat is definitely NOT the reason! haha

ee yin here. haha. I enjoyed too..go red team :P