Saturday, August 25, 2007

Of FRIM and Fireworks

Over the weekend, I went to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) for an outdoor outing and jungle trekking organise by Medic CG. We played games, went to the waterfall (attempted to get to the highest top but dats not possible cz the trek gets way too slippery n dangerous), some of us got bitten by leeches (but i managed to get away leech-free!hurray..haha) and jungle trek. The jungle trekking was reali informative as the guide intro to us the various habitants of the reserve forest. Some of the forest habitants include the Brazillian Arapaima Gigantus (there are 3 of dem), eagles and hornbills nest, wild boar, a 15ft long python (it is popular for its story of fighting wif the king cobra in a bush last yr n eating up the cobra after dat), Kacip Fatimah n Tongkat Ali plant (female n male viagra plant respectively), the Merbau tree, Engkabung and many many more. Besides this is the oldest tropical rainforest in Msia with many many tall tall trees that form canopies and block out almost all the sun. At the end of the day, i felt reali happy and truly enjoy myself thruout the whole outing despite the rain in the morning and an old uncle who nearly spoils everythin by purposely spitting his phlegm near the waterfall (how can any1 be so unenvironmental frenly and unhygienic).

Top of the rock!

C dis ppl, happily sliding down the waterfall

Dis giant Arapaima can jump 50 ft high to eat birds n monkeys!

Special rite dis flower?

This is suppose to be the tallest bamboo plant in the world! (cant capture the whole thing)

Our funny and informative guide of the day

Look carefully..can u c an elephant?

The tall tropical rainforest trees

Lou n JW climbing this snake like soft wood tree

The canopies forming jigsaw puzzle like..this phenomenon can onli b seen rite here in FRIM and Papua New Guinea in the whole wide world

The gap between the 2 roots of this tree can fit 11 of us!

At the end of the jungle trekking

After jungle trekking and some of dem left, the remaining of us felt adventurous enuf to get to the top of the waterfall where it begins..but alas, we can onli manage to reach up to here

The 2 bully-ers, JW and CW..they can bully me wif my cap n take pic at the same time!

After a tired day..

On Fri, me, BS, JW, MS, Kat n HF went to Putrajaya to watch the fireworks display by team Global. It was a non competition nite so ders very few ppl compare to competition nites, and we managed to get a very good spot to watched the 6 min fireworks display for free. But its so beautiful. Life is jz like the fireworks sometimes, don u tink? The beauty nv last long. It will b beautiful for a while, then fade, some ugly things will happen, den d next fireworks come and its beautiful again. This video is the last segment of the fireworks display. We also took some crazy pics on the road dat no 1 will ever believe we r medical students if we tell dem dat nite ..haha..

Some pics,

Looks like meteor rite?

C the bright explosion it creates

Part of the road was closed for the competiton. The road 'belongs' to me for the nite! haha

Salute to Msia 50th independence

Two guys emo-ing on the road

"Let u hv a taste of gers power"

MS, me n HF beating up d 'rapist' we caught fr the bush

Alrightey, that's all for the weekend. Happy week ahead everyone. :)

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OOOH, I love the jigsaw puzzle canopies! Its quite wonderful to see that the trees are "living happily" with each other, and they too, I feel practise the give-and-take culture, don't you think? Wish I can see it for myself!

haha..ya..the trees also knows how to live in harmony with each other..neway u come la kl next time den we can go! cz the next nearest place will hv to be Papua New Guinea!

pity beng siang la!have to b the driver,rapist and dancer.very nice to bully him! sad i didnt go to the frim....but thank god i missed it!got leach!!!yuck.....(MS)

hahaha..pity him but he is also sporting time u do ur prevention methods den the leech wont dare come near u dy la!