Saturday, August 18, 2007

Half Night in Klang

Yea, as u can see, Majlis Perbandaran Klang. I just got back fr Klang with Rin Kiat, Shir, MS, HF and Jian. We wanted to go to the Klang Festival in conjunction with the 'Visit Malaysia year 2007' and there was supposedly fireworks, dances and boats procession. However, due to traffic jam, by the time we got there, there was only a Malay singer performing. So, we decided to moved on to mission 2 in Klang : Seafood!

RK initially brought us to Teluk Gong but the shop had closed. So how can we go home empty stomach without a taste of the popular Klang seafood? In the end we ended up at some seafood restaurant call Tanjung Harapan and finished a supper of seafood der. While my mind screams cholesterol, my hand n mouth just cant help indulging in dos crabs, prawns, squids, fish and vege except the shell seafood (dno wats its exactly call). We were the last to leave and the whole restaurant was empty by the time we left leaving onli 2-3 workers behind.

Black Pepper crab

Squids, prawns and the shell seafood

Yeah..seafood hunters

Dearest Shir, me, HF and MS at the seafood restaurant

After supper, RK brought us to North Port where a fishing competition is gna be held tomorrow and the day after 2moro. Now most of the big ships had moved to the West Port, leaving this port only for smaller boats.

At the ship at North Port

Although we got 'cheated' to Klang, but im still quite glad to go because i got to hang out wif Shir n RK who is quite a funny guy and the rest of them although we didnt get to try the best seafood in Klang and missed the Klang festival.

Food shd be digested dy. So, its time for bed. Goodnite~

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