Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy 21st N to the L

22nd August 2007! 21 years ago, a cute lil baby girl name N to the L (name change to protect privacy) was born..haha..Counting back, time flies dont they? We had known each other for like forever, since primary 1 till now, which sums up to 15 years! wow..15 yrs of frenship and there's still a long long way more to go. And we were in the same class rite then from primary 1 till upper 6, from Convent to SIGS. Yes, my dearest N to the L, the following is lovingly dedicated to u,

My dearest,

It had been such great honour being ur fren and having u as one of the most closest fren in my life. Altho we were in diff societies, uniform bodies, clubs, sports houses back in school days and diff unis and even countries now, but these differences does not make our frenship any weaker. In fact, till now, i still feel the strong bond between our frenship. I don care if i had said this umpteen times but im still gna say it again, i reali reali would like to thank u fr the bottom of my heart 4 being the fren that is always there for me, the one who stands by me in no matter wat circumstances, the one to believe in me even when no one else does, the one who help and accompany me along the path of growing up and maturity and the one who bring a lot of sweet memories and laughter into my life. This is one ger that looks quiet but do not be fool by her looks. Once she gets comfortable with u, she can talk n talk non stop, fr Donald Trump to someone doin a disgusting act in the public bus (u still rmb ur armpit story anot? damn funny la dat 1..haha). Besides she is a very meticulous ger, i still rmb her decorating her folios with macaronis and she is very hardworking in her studies as well. She also makes gloomy days in sigs brighter with her ever cheerful and informative chatter. F6 sucks like crazy, but im so glad that i have u and the rest of the gang to stick thru thos days. Those were the good old days. I certainly wish i was in Sg today so i can celeb ur big 21st with u, but sori ger, i got class here. Neway. hope u have a GREAT n happy 21st Birthday. All the best in ur future undertaking and adulthood (finally u can legally go into Genting casino..hahaha) and may our frenship goes on for lightyears more to come. ps :Help me look out for potential properties in Sg yea..hehe..Stay joyful, meticulous, cute and sweet. Happy Birthday once again~ Muackss!

Lotsa love,

This is me and N to the L at Vivocity the last time i was back for holi, hmm somewhere in May

By the way, other than being wishing to be Mr. Trump's assistant, Mrs. Bae, sharing Timothy wif Kelly and cutting new albums as Xin Hui (ahem, by the way ur previous album with the song fr 'Taipei to Beijing' sucks, the mv sucks even more, i cant understand wats up with "u" and "ur" black bra :p), i hope u can find ur hottie Mr. Right guy soon..hehe..I have included the mv anyway,

N : "oh, im so so shy! HE is looking at me with dos cute eyes"
(ps:don be angry nor, i noe how much u use to love him anyway :p..haha)

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Good job Ally...

the pic is sooo the Norven... Norven muz be luving it lots....hmm this pic muz be taken before divorse yea? or patch back dy? hehehe

and yaya she's still thinking of Timothy (fr taipei to beijing)... he miss her lots i supoose (fr UK to SG?)... nevertheless i miss both of them lots too... hehehe

haha..maybe before he sudenli became infamous after his attempt at the Korean movie which he stripped!

miss dem onli ar? me le?:(
..hahaha..take care ya..miss u 2 ;)

hehehe... of coz miss you too.... shuold meet up in either kl or jb ler miss biggie doctor!!

take care..*hugs*

ALLISON!! Thank you so so so much! You never know how much you mean to me, and I'm really very touched to know that you feel the same as I do about our friendship.

Thanks for affirming it again and again, and I'm glad our friendship has never falter despite us being so far from each other!

PS: Wow, THANKS for the effort of searching for my video and picture with Yong-Joon opa! Haha... Bring back so much wonderful memories... It's too bad he turn out to look so bad in these few years' time... Speaking of which, I really wonder how Timothy looks like now, hopefully he turns out good! And he went back to singlehood (OOPS!~)

PPS: Ya.. the bit bout potential properties, haha.. You might wanna consider sentosa cove, or the people who might be buying a unit or two there, AHEM~~ ;)

wow..shifu..u did a good job..
really is my great shifu o..
make so much efforts..
and all the words u talk to her was so touching haha..
norven,happy birthday to u....