Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurray for Lin Dan!

I just finished watching the Badminton World Championships 2007 men's singles final between top seed Lin Dan and 9th seeded Sony Dwi Kuncoro from Indonesia which was telecast lived on RTM 1. I always got the adrenaline rush from watching a close match and after almost an hour of near heart attack, Lin Dan finally won the match 22-20. (Yeah!!I'm on Lin Dan side). This is the second time Lin Dan bagged away the World Championship tittle for men's singles. The first time winning the tittle was in 2006 after he defeated Bao Chunlai. It was a close game and Sony had performed very well too.

I had wanted to go to Bukit Jalil stadium to witness the match personally (after all how many times will such an event be held in Malaysia) but Malaysia had not been performing very well in this time championship which was quite a disappointment. Men's singles hope for Msia such as Lee Chong Wei and Hafiz was really a letdown not forgetting the double pair that shined at the All England match, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. However, Tan Fook and Wan Wah did put up a pretty good fight against the Indno pair yesterday imo.

Anyways, can't believe I actually once stood almost side by side with Lin Dan. Don't believe? See the picture below! Haha. I met Lin Dan, Chen Hong and Bao Chunlai personally at the summer Olympics in Athens in 2004. Back then, I still remembered Lin Dan lost badly in the first round. But they were really nice and humble and even obliged for my picture request. :)

Lin Dan, Chen Hong, me and Bao Chunla at the Athens Summer Olympics in 2004. Lin Dan still looks pretty much the same now

Will continue to support Lin Dan (unless it's a match against Malaysia! *wink*) in all his future matches. I'm sure he will do good and win more championships. :)

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ew ew omg lindan won??
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neways how're you is I, sujun! HAHAHaLOL...

haha..taufik was out pretty early in the match eh (correct me if im wrong) still kickin n surviving bout u? :)

zomg really?! i've always thought of him as a great player,he's the only reason i even watch badminton HAHA...

good good...surviving the attack of the assignments n tests haha..

well take care over theere.. :)